OMS Band Handbook

The OMS Concert Band consists of students in 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade. There are two OMS Concert Bands, the 6th Grade Band and the 7th/8th Grade Band. The bands are open to any student at OMS. Students receive one rotational group lesson each 6 day cycle during marking periods 1, 3, 4, and 6 and meet as a class during the 2nd and 5th marking periods. There are also 5 after school rehearsals each student is expected to attend before both the Winter and Spring Concerts. Please refer to the after school schedule for specific dates students will need to attend practice.

The OMS Jazz Band consists of students in 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade. Instruments in the jazz band include the alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, trombone, baritone, trumpet, drumset, bass guitar, electric guitar, auxiliary percussion, and piano. The group meets Thursdays, after school. Auditions will take place after school in the beginning of October until 5:00pm. Students can get the audition materials on the OMS Band website and should sign-up for an audition time in the OMS Band Room once school begins. Audition results will be posted and practice will begin on the following Thursday. Schedules and folders will be issued to students upon acceptance to the group.

Band During the School Day/ Instrumental Lessons

Both 6th Grade and 7th/8th Grade Band will meet as a class during marking periods 2 and 5. Students should refer to their schedules to find out when their specific band period occurs.

During marking periods 1, 3, 4, and 6 every student in band will receive one instrumental group lesson each 6-day cycle. Lessons are on a rotational basis, which means that each week the student will have a lesson on the same number day (1-6) but during a different period so that he/she is only taken out of a specific class once a marking period. Teachers are aware of the lesson schedules and students are expected to remind their teachers of the lesson and then report directly to the band room (room 176). Schedules will be posted outside of the band room and students will be given a copy as well. If a student has a test, quiz, or very important classroom work during their lesson time, the student will stay in class to complete the work and the lesson will be rescheduled for another class period.

Band as a Class Grading Procedures

When the band meets as a class during marking periods 2 and 5, students will be assessed and graded in the following manner:

·       Band Preparation (50 points total)

o   Students satisfy this requirement if they: (points will be deducted if the students is missing any of the following)

§  Bring instrument to rehearsal

§  Have a pencil with them when the rehearsal begins

§  Get the rehearsal folder from the back of the band room

§  Have reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc. before the rehearsal begins. (If a students runs out these items are available in the OMS Band Room before the rehearsal begins).

·       Band Participation (50 Points total)

o   Students satisfy this requirement if they: (points will be deducted if the following are not adhered to)

§  Attend all rehearsals and have no unexcused absences

§  Give their best effort at all times

§  Do nothing to demean others in our program

After School Rehearsals
Students are expected to attend all after school rehearsal and performances in addition to their classes. After school rehearsals are essential to the success of our group. I understands busy schedules and conflicts with sports, activities, etc and is flexible in allowing students to participate in multiple activities. Students involved in multiple after school activities should see Mr. Zimmer to work out a schedule that assures participation in both groups. If a rehearsal must be missed, please inform me by written note or email as soon as possible and BEFORE the missed rehearsal so that I can plan accordingly.
After School Rehearsal Procedures

Students should go to lockers for books, book bags, and coats AFTER rehearsal to assure that valuable items remain safe. Parents picking up a student should report to the AUDITORIUM ENTRANCE NO LATER THAN 4:20pm for pick up.

Students may also ride the activity bus provided. The activity bus is located at the main entrance of OMS. Students need to provide their bus stop to the driver to ensure the correct bus is boarded. Parents who need to contact their son/daughter must call the school before 2:30 P.M. to insure they can speak with them.

Excused Absences
Excused absences can be obtained by submitting a request for and excused absence with the form on the left hand side of the welcome page. Please fill out the form with the reason for the absence. IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE CONSIDERED AND EXCUSED ABSENCE THIS MUST BE DONE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. UNEXCUSED ABSENCE WILL RESULT IN POINTS OFF YOUR GRADE FOR THE SECOND OR FIFTH MARKING PERIOD. (I will know because the form is time stamped as it comes to me) This so I have time to make the proper adjustments for that rehearsal and always have all students accounted for.

If your are a member of a sport or club that conflicts with our rehearsals PLEASE get me a copy of the schedule for that activity, give the name of your coach or advisor, and a way of contacting that individual if they are not a Parkland staff member. This way I can contact that person directly and you or your child will not feel like you are in the middle. If I am notified the day of a rehearsal there is nothing I can do to contact that individual, and you will be forced to either lose points from your band grade or deal with the consequences set forth by your coach or advisor.

Parent Responsibilities

I certainly realize that time after school is limited, however I ask that you try to not schedule a doctor, dentist, haircut, or any other appointment during rehearsal time whenever possible. The after school rehearsal days are listed at the end of this packet. Please let me know as soon as possible if your son/daughter has a conflict with any of the dates. Also, I strongly encourage you and other close relatives to attend concerts and performances throughout the school year, as they are a culmination of the hard work your son/daughter has put into the band program and his/her instrument. Your support for your child and the music program is greatly appreciated! 

PLEASE be sure to join the band email list on the main page or by CLICKING HERE. This will allow me to communicate even more effectively with you!!

Conduct Outside of OMS

Just like any other group or team here at OMS, your conduct at public performances and events is expected to bring dignity and honor to Orefield Middle School. Each member of the band represents OMS and all of the values that it stands for. The conductor reserves the right to send a student home or not allow a student to participate in an event if the student does not display the conduct expected from an OMS Band Member.


All band members must ride to and from all outside activities of the band on Parkland School District buses. A written note is required when a student must use other transportation before or after the event takes place.

Concert Attire for all Concert Band Performances

  • Black dress slacks, black shoes and socks, Red Parkland Middle School Music shirt

Order forms for the official “Parkland Middle School Music” shirt are located on the website or in the band room. The shirt is a red button down polo shirt with the PSD Music logo. Cost is $13. Students who have last year’s music shirt may continue to wear that shirt instead of having to buy a new one. If for any reason the student cannot purchase the official shirt, he/she can either see Mr. Zimmer about getting one OR substitute a red polo shirt.

Concert Attire for all Jazz Band Performances

  • Black dress slacks, black shoes and socks, Black OMS Jazz Band shirt

Students will receive information about ordering the Jazz Band shirts upon their selection and participation in the group. If for any reason a student cannot purchase the official shirt, he/she should see Mr. Zimmer.

OMS Band Website

Please bookmark this site and check at least once a week to keep up with any changes. 

Changes to OMS Band Schedules

In the event of an emergency day the lesson schedule will be adjusted and posted on the board outside the music hallway in the lobby to the auditorium, and will be changed on this website. Any and all schedule change will also be posted in the same place and made available on this site. New copies of the schedules will not be printed for every student if you want a printed copy of the schedules you will need to print it out, unless you do not have a print then please come speak with Mr. Zimmer and he will print one for you.

Instrument Lockers

Every student in band will be assigned a locker to store his/her instrument during the school day. Combination locks will be provided by OMS and students should secure their instrument in a locker at all times during the school day. However, the band room is not a “long-term storage facility” and instruments are to be taken home for practice on a consistent basis.

Private Teachers

If any student is interested in taking private lessons, please see me for a current list of recommended teachers in the area. Private lesson are an incredible opportunity to further yourself as a musician and help you reach your fullest potential.

PMEA Festivals

Mr. Zimmer will nominate students for both the District 10 Elementary (5th/6th Grade) and Intermediate (7th/8th Grade) All-Star Festivals.  These are one-day festivals, which take place during the school day and evening. 

Students in 7th and 8th grade, with the approval of the director, may also audition for PMEA District 10 Band (Grades 7-12).   Auditions are held the first Saturday of December.  Please see Mr. Zimmer for the appropriate audition material.  Students must be prepared with all materials by the end of October, before permission will be granted to audition.

District 10 Festivals are great opportunities for young musicians with extra interest and high personal goals to get together with other students that want to excel to the highest levels of musical achievement. They are also opportunities to work with the finest conductors in the nation. I will gladly give interested students whatever assistance is needed to prepare for the audition. 

Instrument Care and Repairs

Students are expected to maintain and care for their instruments. It is recommended that an instrument be sent for general maintenance to a Music Repair Store at least once every two years if not once a year.

If you rent your instrument through Nazareth, Menchey, or Zeswitz, your contract provides you with free repair.  If you own your instrument, you are responsible for all repairs.  A representative from our vendors pick up instruments for repair weekly.  They will contact you about cost and payment, if applicable, before any repairs are done.

Purchasing Instruments

Please contact Mr. Zimmer if you are interested in purchasing an instrument. He can help you make an informed and educated decision before making any purchase. 


Every student can expect the following from me:

  • I will offer you a quality music education.
  • I will be fair.
  • I will give you my best at all times.
  • I will never put you in a position in which you cannot be successful.
  • I will always listen to your concerns and/or suggestions.
  • I will hold you accountable 
  • I will do my best to communicate dates and times of all rehearsals and performances to you in a timely manner so necessary arrangements can be made to ensure attendance.
  • I will ALWAYS treat you with respect, and if you feel that I am not please come and talk to me.
  • I will continually learn from my mistakes we are all human and that is the best we can do. 


  • RESPECT everyone and everything
    • The teachers 
    • The students
    • The equipment
    • The facilities
  • Give your best effort to contribute to our success.
  • Take PRIDE in yourself, your ensemble, and your school.
  • Be prepared for all performances.
  • Always bring a positive attitude to rehearsals and performances
  • Take ownership of everything you do and everything you play
  • Never be afraid to make a mistake or to fail as long as you do it whole heartedly, these are the times we learn the most.
  • Every action has and opposite and equal reaction. Know that everything you do in any area of your life will reflect on our music program and school as a whole. Think about how your actions effect your family, your peers, your teachers, and the organizations you belong to. If you can learn to think before you act, you will be extremely successful in whatever you choose to do in life!! 

A Note from the Director to the Students

    I believe this is your music program. Where do you want it to go? How good do you want it to be? How much time and effort are we willing to give to achieve our goals. Being a member of the OMS Band is making a commitment to strive to be the best you can.  You are being ask to agree to do everything in your power to help this program grow and get better everyday. My job is to help you become the best musician and person you can be, and I take that job very seriously. This is done through self-discipline, determination, and dedication to always striving for excellence.  I want us to be one of the best music programs around. This is not because I care how we rank against others, but because if we are not trying to be at the front of the pack at all times, we are not doing our best.  Take ownership in our band! Work hard for your classmates, for yourself, and for the success of our music program. Lets go out there and strive to be one of the best, If you can do this, get ready to be part of something incredible!!

Please CLICK HERE to verify that you have read this handbook and reviewed it with your child.

Thank you so much for your support of the OMS Band Program,

Peter D. Zimmer

Orefield Middle School Band Director