Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students

            For those of you who are new to the OMS band program my name is Mr. Zimmer, and I am the band director at Orefield Middle School. This website, in addition to the weekly emails that I send out, serve as the main sources of communication between you and I. As we progress through the school year please make sure that you are receiving my weekly emails, they will begin with the first week of school. As the school year begins, please make sure you check this website frequently so you know what is happening with our band program, and the exciting opportunities we have planned for this year!

This is a band program with a reputation of striving for excellence in everything that we do, in addition to providing its students with a great deal of incredible opportunities. I do expect a higher of level of commitment and responsibility at the middle school level both in the area of ability, and time management. As we prepare these young musicians for our high school program, it is important they find time to practice in their busy schedules as well as communicate schedule conflicts with me. With that said, band is a great opportunity for these young musicians to meet new people, learn to be part of a school community, take pride in something great, and have lots of fun! If you have any question at all, please do not hesitate contact me at zimmerp@parklandsd.org email is the quickest way to get in touch with me!

Enjoy your last few days of summer!

Mr. Zimmer


I can not stress enough how important it is to click the link above "Join the OMS Band Email List" on the left hand side, and fill out the form. I do use a mass distribution list to send out emails to all of you, but I do receive many of them back because the account provided has been deactivated, and is no longer in use. Even if you think the email you have given the school is current or correct, please give me the one you want emails sent to by submitting that form. I had several parents and guardians, even at the end of the school year, asking me why they had not received any info all year. If the account the school has is not up to date and you do not provide me one, I have no way of getting in touch with you.


Order deadline September 25th 2015 ... NO EXTENSIONS

At the middle school level we use the Sound Innovation Book II, which is a continuation of the book used in elementary school. All 6th grade students should bring the Sound Innovation Book I (white and blue cover) to their first band lesson, which will begin the second week of school! There will be an order done for your convenience of this book, and you will be able to purchase it through the school for $10.00. If the books is not purchased through the school you will need to find and purchase this book at a local music store or online. Money for the Sound Innovation Book II (white and red cover) is due by September 25th 2015. There will only be one order this year and no extension passed this deadline. As soon as books arrive they will be distributed. 7th and 8th graders who already have this book should bring it to their first lesson. Book two will be used by all students in the 2nd Marking Period provide our book order has arrived. If students do not have this book points will be deducted from their preparation grade. Please contact me if you cannot afford a lesson book.


Please click on the jazz band link on the left for all audition information!

FOR A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE OMS BAND PROGRAM, AS WELL AS ALL PROCEDURES, please click on the link to the left called, "OMS Handbook." It will hopefully answer any and all questions you might have about the groups.

The 2015-2016 District Band Solos are located underneath the "District Band Opportunities" link to the left More information about elementary and intermediate district band will be made available as soon as I receive it.

ROTATIONAL LESSONS take place during marking periods 1, 3, 4, and 6, every student enrolled in band will receive one instrumental group lesson each 6-day cycle. Please note that these lessons DO NOT appear on a student's class schedule. They are available using the "6th Grade Lesson Schedules" or "7th/8th Grade Lesson Schedules" links to the left or as paper copies in the OMS Band Room. Students need their instruments on their lesson day.

DURING MARKING PERIODS 2 AND 5 students will attend Band Class during the period that is listed on their school schedule. There are no rotational lessons during these marking periods.

can be found by clicking on the appropriate link to the left under either 6th Grade Band or 7th/8th Grade Band headings. Students are asked to attend only 5 after school practices before each concert to prepare for our performance. 

Monetary Problems:
If money is an issue for you please do not hesitate to contact me. Everything will ALWAYS be kept completely confidential, and no questions will be asked. We work on an honor system and completely understand that some people cannot afford a book, an instrument rental, or supplies. We will absolutely accommodate any and all situations; no student will be deprived of the opportunity to be in band. We cannot guarantee a student will be able to play the instrument they want, but if they want to be in the band we will get them an instrument, and teach them how to play. If a student cannot keep up with their schoolwork, or is a disruption to our program, action will be taken that is in the best interest of that student, and the students around them.


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