16-17 Agenda

Builders Club 1/10/17 Agenda


Upcoming Events:
1. Our Big Event this Year is the Ronald McDonald Trip April 28th!

    a. Soda Tab's Collection- Dates: 11/21- 1/18/17

        1. Prizes-one winning HR per grade. Prize- Movie :)
        2. Workers for collection during End of 1st-2nd Pd and tab counters/mass counters.

        3. Reminder on OMS Live

    b. Planning for the McTrip

         2.Craft/Activity Committee

         3.Who get's to go?

2. TeenWorks- January 28th Banquet- Officers Invited to attend- must RSVP, ASAP!  
    (Special Award in honor of Zach K.)
    a. What should this award be based on? We decide :)

3. TeenWorks Grant- need presenters. Plan to present in March.

    1. 8 presenters needed.

    2. Power Point Presentation creators
        (this is for grant money! $2000 for the McTrip & Sr. Social.)
        a. Two presentations are needed.

4. "Have a Heart" donations.
    A. This would be the collection of personal care items for the 6th Street Shelter &
         Mary's  Shelter.  The collection would run from Jan. 17th- Feb 2nd.
       (A drop off box would be placed by the front of the school.)
      The thought would be to then take the items and create Care Packages
      (along with a ChapStick- which I am hoping will be donated by Piser).
      The Care Package  would also include a Valentine stating "Someone Cares about You" &
      be delivered before Valentine's Day.
      I am putting together a list of the personal care items needed.

5. PJ Dress Down Day Jan 27th- for students ($1 to dress in pjs)

6. Spreading some Cheer to a Parkland Alumni in need.

7. Science Fair Bake Sale Feb 15
th  6:30-9 PM.
    1. Sign Up Genus for needed items
    2. Workers for the night- 4 people

8. NEW Builders Club Remind App!
        * An email will be sent home explaining the process as well as inviting your parents to take   part in the reminders :)

Join the Remind App : OMS Builders Club 17

Get Involved!
Sign up for one or more of the following activities:
1. OMS Live Reminder about the Tabs Collection (1-2 people needed.)
    Reminder this week- Thursday or Friday.

2. Have a Heart Committee (3-4 people needed.)    
    a. List of needed personal items & creator of event flyer (1 person.)

b.OMS Live presenter on 12th or 13th
    c. Box decorator for the drop off & collections gather person (2 people.)
    d. Care Package Creators (to creator the final packages, also to include a    Valentine)                (3-4 people.)

3. PJ Day Flyer creator and OMS Live Presenter (1-2 people needed.)
    Present on OMS Live week of the 23rd.

4. Spreading some Cheer to a Parkland Alumni in need (1-2 people needed.)
    a. Create some ideas to spread cheer & create the items needed this week!

5. Science Fair Bake Sale Feb. 15th 6:30-8 PM
    a. Workers (4 students)
    b. Sign Up Genus for bake sale items (will be on the OMS Builders Site soon!)
*** Everyone can help out with this! Sign up to bring in an item.

6. TeenWorks Presentations (March 7th)
    a. Create a PowerPoint Presentation & Present for Mc.Trip Grant 
        (4 people needed.)
    b. Create a PowerPoint Presentation & Present for Sr.Social Grant
         (4  people needed.)
   * Mrs. K will help with the presentation creation as well as the info needed.

******If interested in the above activities, please email Mrs. Kakaley at kakaleya@parklandsd.org or stop by room 157, by FCS to express your interest.

Thank you :)


This Years Past Events
1.Holiday Card Drive:
Winter Cheer for our Vets & Seniors in our Community.

2.Festive Friday was a success! We raised $154.82 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! 

Previous Years Events & Ideas:
  1. Dress Down/Up Days

    1. Festive Friday, Dec. 18th

    2. Flyer needed

    3. OMS Live- Patrick

  1. Sweet Holiday Cheer! Thursday, December 17th in the FSC Room 159

    1. Permission slips due back this Friday

    2. Sign Up Genius

    3. Email

  2. Holiday Wrapping With Take a Stand Dec. 21st, after school.
    See Mrs. Lundberg, rm 246 for a permission slip

  3. Key Leadership Opportunity for 8th Graders

  4. Senior Social June 4th

    1. Teacher and PTO meeting to begin the organization process

Possible Event Ideas

  1. Dress Down Days:

    1. Jan- PJ Day

    2. Feb- Fancy Friday 12th (Snow make-up day?)

  2. Dinners for houses??  (Cooking event?)

  3. Penny Wars

     2.  Soda Tabs Collection

    1. Raising $ for Ronald McDonald Houses

     3.  Lily’s Hope

    1. Helping Local Families

     4.  Used Book Collection and Reading Event at less fortunate school

    1. Mrs. Roberts said she would work with us.  When?

     5. Sodexo- Stopping Hunger Foundation

     6. Kiwanis

    1. International  Drive : Eliminate Fund helping UNICEF with supplying vaccinations to mothers around the world to eliminate neonatal tetanus. Shots cost $1.80.

    2. State Project: Pennsylvania Early Childhood initiative
      (See email sent from Kiwanis President Renee W.)