17-18 Agenda

Builders Club 10/12/17 Agenda
First Meeting

Top Talk:

  1. Comfy for a Cause this Friday, Oct 13th

    1. Pj day for Hurricane Irma & Maria

  1. Ronald McDonald House Trip April 28th (are you able to attend? *)

  2. Senior Citizens Social June 2nd (Save the date!)

    1. Teacher and PTO meetings soon...

      1. Committee

        1. Community outreach.

        2. Who do you know?

        3. Community Reach out for Gift Cards?

      2. Advertising- Flyer needed ASAP-need information for phone line

        1. HS- Senior Dinner events

  3. Teenworks Presentations (more information coming soon!)

  4. Remind App :)

  5. Officers- elections next club meeting (More information contained within.)

  * Upcoming Events:

  1. Bake Sales (Science Fair & History Day Night, others?)

    1. Sign Up Genius Flyer

  2. School-wide Soda Tabs Collection for Ronald McDonald Houses? (Nov- Jan)

  3. Mc. Trip

    1. Planning:

      1. Food

      2. Craft

  4. Senior Social June 2nd

    1. Teacher and PTO meeting began the organization process

    2. Committee

      1. Community outreach.

      2. Who do you know?

    3. Advertising- Flyer needed ASAP-need information for phone line

      1. HS- Senior Dinner events

     d.   March of Dimes Walk (Premature Babies fundraiser at Dorney Park on Spring.)
Possible Event Ideas

  1. Visit Country Meadows:  Ideas for Activity?  When?

  2. Dress Down Days:PJ, Festive Friday, etc

  3. Miracle League-Spring

  4. Helping Veterans (holiday cards?)

  5. Penny Wars

    6.  Lily’s Hope

  1. Helping Local Families

****Officers- We need officers for the 2017-2018 positions****

Election Information:

Election will take place the 2nd Club meeting. Prepare a short speech as to why you would be the best candidate for the office you are running for. Be confident and smile when presenting to you fellow Builder's Club Members. We need officers to be committed and outspoken to make a difference... are YOU that Builder?)
President- You are a role model, the representative of our club. Regular attendance to all club meeting as well as club activities is crucial. You appoint and delegate responsibilities of club tasks. You partake in activities. You and other officers set goals for the club. You explain the goals and monitor the progress of the goals.  You motivate club members  and student body of club activities. You and other officers make important club decisions as well as problem solve when problems arise. (8th grade only- one year experience is needed.)

Vice President- You are prepared to assist the president in all duties as well as act as the president in their absence.  (8th or 7th grade) See president’s role.

Secretary- (8th-6th grade) Record Builder’s Club Meetings in a written/typed  form (minutes). You assist the president and vice in officer responsibilities.
Treasurer- (8th or 7th grade) You help count the money we raise for our different
events. Yo umust be good with numbers.  

Public Relations- (8th or 7th grade) builds awareness of Builder’s Activities.
They share the information with the school and the community. They advertise on OMS Live. Our spokesperson. They communicate in both voice and print. They contact the community via e-mail and phone. The PR also assists in officer duties as work in conjunction with other club members.

Media- (7th or 6th grade)You help maintain the Builder's Club Website, up-dating our events on the web, in addition you reach out to the OMS Newspaper about our events. You help with advertising and assist public relations with their roll as well.

Old Information: 

Builders Club 4/19/17 Agenda


Current Events & Fundraisers:

1. Ronald McDonald Trip April 28th!
   A. Planning for the McTrip- Mrs. K with the food
         1.Menu- Mexican Fiesta-  
         2.Permission slips were given to the selected students.
            a. Only healthy people can attend. If you suddenly become sick, you 
                will not be able to join us. *This is because; we do not want to pass an illness
                on the families of sick children that we will be serving. Therefore, there will
                be alternative students on a wait list incase this occurs. 
            b. Alternates- please turn your permission slips in as well in case you are called
            c. All attending need to have health form (that was with your permission slip)
                turned in the day of the trip. Thank you.
            d. Baking for McTrip? If interested, see Mrs. K or email. All items most be
                dropped off April 27th at the latest in room 157. Thank you.
         (Also ingredients card needed with item and must be transportable with no refund)
            e. T-Shirts
J They have been ordered and should arrive next week! Were them
                for all future events.

2. Parkland Community Resource Fair @ Parkland HS April 29th (Saturday)
        1. Help Needed! Volunteers would report at 9:45.  The fair runs from 11:00-2:00.
            a. Parents are welcome to volunteer and or attend the event.
            b. Volunteers can stay the whole time or sign up for a two-hour shift.
            c. Email Mrs. Irish if interested at irishd@parklandsd.org  

3. March of Dimes- March of Babies Walk April 30th, 8 AM registration 9:15
       walk @ Dorney Park

       Walk distance is 2 miles. The event is to support research for premature births and 
            the support of premature babies. 
          a. A Builders Club Team HAS been created! 
          b. A $10 donation is asked to join us in the walk. You are welcome to
              donate more  and or get sponsors. 
          c. Can my family join in the walk- sure! Join our OMS Builders Club Team!
              Everyone MUST be registered to attend. Register online!  
          d. Wear your Builders Club shirt
          e. Are we wearing Purple too????
*More information will be provided for Team Members before the event. 
              (See the Event Page for more info.)
4.  Ultimate Frisbee Tournament for Autism Awareness
     After school on Thursday May 4th at the HS. Sponsored by Key Club
    a. We have a Team!
    b. The cost would be at least a $5 donation to attend.
    c. More information will be coming soon!

5. Miracle League Baseball Event May 17th! More information to come in May J
                             (See the Event Page for more info.)

6. Twin/Multiples Day- Dress alike contest June 8th ($2 a pair, $3 for triplets, etc.)
               Benefit homeless children in Haiti
     a. Prizes?
     b. Contact people- OMS Live & Advertisement for the event  

NEW Builders Club Remind App! Stay up to date with club activities!
         * An email was sent home explaining the process as well as inviting your parents to take part in 
          the reminders :)
         For more information on this App please click on the link   https://www.remind.com
Parents will need to fill out this survey to consent to the App.
Here is the link:

                                                  Join the Remind App : OMS Builders Club 17

Up-Date on Past Events:

 1. TeenWorks Banquet - January 28th Banquet.
     It was an outstanding night! Builders Club was acknowledged for our continued community
     service with the Ronald McDonald Houses and the Parkland Senior Citizens Social/Dance.

     A. A special award was created in honor of former Builders Club Member Zach Kraus.
         Mrs. K had the privilege to speak about Zach and the incredible impact he had with everyone he
         encountered. Zach was a giver and wanted to help others in need, even though he had his own
         health complications (to say the least.) He truly was a role model and an inspiration!
         To be able to keep his legacy alive, we are extremely grateful to TeenWorks of the Greater
         Lehigh Valley for making this award possible.
         1. The recipient of  first Annual Zach Kraus Award was former Builders Club Member &
             Parkland Senior, Dana Emswiler. Dana is a very worthy young lady who is also making great 
             things happen in the community. Congratulations Dana!
         2. Zach's mother and sister were in attendance for this fabulous award. They were so thankful for
             honoring Zach & for keeping his spirit alive.

2.  PJ Dress Down Day was a success raising over $180 toward the Have a Heart Help the Homeless
         1. Money will be used to purchase needed personal care items for our Care Packages for
             the 6th Street Shelter and Mary's Women's Shelter. 

3.  Spreading some Cheer to a Parkland Alumni in need.
          1. Ken C created a fabulous drawling to showcase all of the success one can
              accomplish with a quality education. "Education, the path to Success".
              Thank you Ken; beautiful piece. I am sure Mr. George will love it!

4.  Festive Friday (December's Dress Down Day)
        1. We raised $154.82 towards the Make a Wish Foundation! Great Job!
        2. Holiday Card Drive: Was a hit! OMS spread Winter Cheer for our Vets
            & Seniors in our Community.
5. "Have a Heart & Help the Homeless" donations.
    A. We made more then 100 Care Packages & they were delivered to the 6th Street Shelter and Mary's Shelter 

 6. Science Fair Bake Sale Feb 15
th  6-9 PM. 
     A. Over $200 was raised toward the Ronald McDonald Trip!
     B. Thanks to all of donated baked treats, time or items :) 

 TeenWorks Grant- presentation March 14th 
      A. We were granted $2,500! 

Still to Come:

Senior Citizen's Social Spring 2018!

Get Involved!

1.  Have a Heart Committee (3-4 people needed.)    
    A. Students with Flex to:
         1. Help sort personal care items & create the Care Packages for the homeless.
         2 Create Valentines Cards to accompany the care packages  

2. Science Fair Bake Sale Feb. 15th 6-8:30 PM
    a. Workers (4 students)
    b. Sign Up Genus for bake sale items (will be on the OMS Builders Site soon!)
*** Everyone can help out with this! Sign up to bring in an item.

6. TeenWorks Presentations (March 7th)
    a. Create a PowerPoint Presentation & Present for Mc.Trip Grant 
        (4 people needed.)
    b. Create a PowerPoint Presentation & Present for Sr.Social Grant
         (4  people needed.)
   * Mrs. K will help with the presentation creation as well as the info needed.

******If interested in the above activities, please email Mrs. Kakaley at kakaleya@parklandsd.org or stop by room 157, by FCS to express your interest.

Thank you :)


Previous Years Events & Ideas:
  1. Dress Down/Up Days

    1. Festive Friday, Dec. 18th

    2. Flyer needed

    3. OMS Live- Patrick

  1. Sweet Holiday Cheer! Thursday, December 17th in the FSC Room 159

    1. Permission slips due back this Friday

    2. Sign Up Genius

    3. Email

  2. Holiday Wrapping With Take a Stand Dec. 21st, after school.
    See Mrs. Lundberg, rm 246 for a permission slip

  3. Key Leadership Opportunity for 8th Graders

  4. Senior Social June 4th

    1. Teacher and PTO meeting to begin the organization process

Possible Event Ideas

  1. Dress Down Days:

    1. Jan- PJ Day

    2. Feb- Fancy Friday 12th (Snow make-up day?)

  2. Dinners for houses??  (Cooking event?)

  3. Penny Wars

     2.  Soda Tabs Collection

    1. Raising $ for Ronald McDonald Houses

     3.  Lily’s Hope

    1. Helping Local Families

     4.  Used Book Collection and Reading Event at less fortunate school

    1. Mrs. Roberts said she would work with us.  When?

     5. Sodexo- Stopping Hunger Foundation

     6. Kiwanis

    1. International  Drive : Eliminate Fund helping UNICEF with supplying vaccinations to mothers around the world to eliminate neonatal tetanus. Shots cost $1.80.

    2. State Project: Pennsylvania Early Childhood initiative
      (See email sent from Kiwanis President Renee W.)