Rocket Math: A Math Fact Mastery Program

 What is Rocket Math?
  • Rocket Math is a daily program that combines timed oral and written math fact practice for gradual mastery of small sets of facts.
  • This program is designed to meet each student's individual needs and allows each child to advance at his/her own pace.
  • Students chart their daily and weekly progress.
  • Students remain motivated and engaged as they build on success.
  • Each classroom teacher will provide students and parents with detailed information about how Rocket Math will work in their classroom.


Why is it important for children to master basic math facts?
  1. Although correct answers can be obtained using the finger counting method, it takes too much time and effort away from higher level math concepts.
  2. Mastery of single digit facts is necessary for estimation.
  3. Students who are slow at math facts are less likely to learn more complex and higher level math problems.
  4. Students must know multiplication facts quickly in order to master fractions.
  5. Algebra is not open to those who have not mastered fractions.
  6. Knowledge of simple facts is needed for proper use of calculators.


How can parents help their child at home?
There are many things that can be done at home to reinforce Rocket Math.
  • Flash cards - Have your child say the problem and the answer out loud.  Start with a small set of facts that mix unknown with known facts.  Limit practice sessions to 5 minutes at a time.
  • Computer games - There are many websites which are great resources to practice basic facts.  Here are some sites that you can use: