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Lead 21's Sight Words

Sight Words
Sight words are vocabulary words that students need to know by sight.  Students need to know sight words quickly and not by sounding them out.   Each week students will be introduced to theme sight words that correspond to our class story being read.  Our weekly sight word homework will have the current words being discussed.  Children can also challenge themselves to learn to spell the sight words if desired.  
Unit 1
a, is, on, the, an, in, was, look, are, and, makes, has, his, he, will, for, to, here, they, ask, find, no, with
Theme Words:  different, problems, connected, members, grin
Unit 2

like, that, get, want, who, do, help, new, one, from, others, her, into, made, of, this, have, says, so, my, what

Theme Words: measured, enormous, suddenly, movement, followed, arrived

Unit 3

sea, yes, you, see, think, after, ball, called, I’ll, said, how, long, need, me, caused, be, more, right, she, we, your, go, good, too, warm

Theme Words: neighbors, nearby, entertaining, choices, right

Unit 4

could, out, over, put, way, all, around, river, small, saw, don’t, two, watched, off, high

Theme Words: natural resource, conserve, harm, space, cherish

Unit 5

once, does, plays, pulls, done, read, where, gone, every, listens, school, days, our, world, people

Theme Words: history, message, amazing, leader, hoping

Unit 6

something, again, dog, there, walk, another, almost, today, only, should, down, would

Theme Words:basic needs, shelter, habitat, protects, clear

Unit 7

friend, give, heard, laugh, were, some, door, lived, colors, before, always, answered, thought

Theme Words: citizen, laws, responsibility, equal, useful

Unit 8

money, along, water, near, air

Theme Words: conflict, disagreed, angry, discuss, resolve

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