Small Group Counseling

Children in the elementary school are going through many phases of growth and development.  During these years children normally experience many stresses due to academic demands, social relationships, and typical family issues.

In small group counseling, the counselor works with two or more students.  Group discussions may be relatively unstructured or based on structured learning activities.  The goals of the group are to improve problem solving and social skills as well as to increase self-esteem.

During the group sessions, students will become involved in fun activities such as playing games, drawing, role-playing, reading books, and group discussions.  Students will learn ways of getting along with others, communicating more effectively, controlling their behavior, and resolving conflict.

 What are some kinds of small groups?   
 Chew N' Chat  Let’s talk over lunch :)          F.I.S.H.     Families In Separate Houses     
Newcomers              Friendship             
Self Esteem                 Self Control     Appropriate expression of feelings