Together We Will Create Greatness

The school year is upon us and TEAM RENO is ready for another adventure in LEARNING! Team Reno is a small part of our larger team - Line Creek Elementary in the Park Hill School District. When you are a part of a TEAM, you must work hand in hand with your teammates in order to reach goals and succeed.

Each and every day, Dr. Geoff Reno, welcomes 26 courageous 5th Graders to take risks, work hard, and do it all while smiling with pride knowing that we are only improving as we tick through each moment.

For the purposes of our classroom website, you will find a number of items from our classroom calendar to individual student web pages. Additionally, students will use this as a platform for accessing learning opportunities and sharing their work with you. 

Thank you for joining us on this Life-Changing Journey as we work towards preparing for our future.


Introduction to Park Hill's 
One to One Learning Program

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