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Social Studies - Mr. Hild (top right)
Reading - Mrs. Faudere (bottom right)
Language Arts - Mrs. Clay (bottom left)
Science - Mr. Mabrey (top middle)
Math - Mr. Langdon (top left)


Weekly Parent Email 2018-19
Parents, click here to add your email to the weekly email Mr. Mabrey sends on Mondays. Here you'll find the latest info on homework, upcoming events, deadlines, etc.... It's the best single thing you can do to stay informed on what's happening at Congress. 

Parent Teacher Conferences 2018-19
** use the following links to sign up for ONE 20 minute conference with your student's Life Ed teacher ** These links will go live after Parent Orientation on Thursday, 8/30/2018 

Mr. Hild - click here
Mrs. Faudere - click here
Mr. Mabrey - click here
Mr. Langdon - click here
Mrs. Clay- click here

Career Day Signup 2018-19
Information coming soon!

Parent Orientation Presentation 2018-19

2018-2019 Parent Orientation