Parker The Platypus - The Songs

*** NEW!!! *** Parker The Platypus - The Album contains 13 different songs about Parker and his friends!! Each track teaches about the struggles children can have fitting in with other children, being bullied if they don't, and overcoming that struggle to be proud of who they are, and make others proud of them!

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Parker The Platypus is a wonderful children's song which teaches that, no matter what we look like on the outside, "we're all animals just the same" on the inside!!

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Here's a YouTube video of singer/songwriter Joe Melillo singing the song at a birthday party!

Parker Helps Hubert the Hippopotamus is the second song in the Parker series. When Hubert is troubled with the other animals making fun of his weight, Parker helps him be proud of who he is!!

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Parker Befriends Bertram The Bat is the third song in the Parker series. Bertram learns he needs glasses, and, once he finally decides he should wear them to see better, all the animals not only make fun of how he looks, but also how bad his vision is! Parker helps everyone see that everyone has different abilities, "so don't give anyone labels"!!

The song is on the album 1 Step Toward 1000 Miles, and is available for download at the following sites:

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