Cody Middle School Observatory

Welcome to the CMS Observatory!

The CMS Observatory sits on the campus of Cody Middle School in Cody, Wyoming.  The observatory contains a 14" Celestron telescope and several smaller telescopes, including solar telescopes, which are used to help expand student knowledge and fascination of the universe.  Pictured on this page are a few of the images taken by students and faculty at CMS using observatory equipment.  For more images, click on the "Gallery" tab above.

The facility is primarily available for use within the school district but is also available for use by other groups and organizations.  The CMS Astronomy Club meets once a month and hosts open  houses for friends and family.

For questions about the facility or our programs please contact Cody Middle School (307.587.4273) or email Pete Idema at pidema@park6.org.  For questions about the CMS Astronomy Club contact Pete Idema, Mike Denning (mdenning@park6.org) or Amy Carpenter (acarptenter@park6.org).


    By Peter Idema