ParishVirtual Health - Detailed Syllabus

Parish Virtual - Health


1. Introduction:

  • What is healthful Living?
  • How do media, popular culture, and family influences affect normative beliefs and attitudes on health and well-being? 
  • How do decision making communication and goal setting skills impact positive health outcomes?
    • The benefits of early detection.  Health screenings, check-ups, and self-examination
    • Developing good habits to reduce factors that contribute to chronic disease.
    • What are the potential health and social consequences of popular fads or trends (body piercing and tattooing)
    • What are good practices to reduce infectious disease transmission? including frequent hand washing, vaccinations, avoidance of direct contact with another person or living things. 
  • What resources are available?


2. Mental Health:Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  • What is Normal Anyway?
  • Stress – causes, consequences, treatment
  • Anxiety – causes, symptoms, treatment
  • Depression – causes, symptoms, treatment
  • Eating Disorders
  • Other mental illnesses


3. Exercise andFitness

  • Why?
    • What are the primary benefits of exercise?
  • What?
    • Components of Fitness
  • How? 
    • Safety techniques
    • Evaluate specific exercise routines
    • Effects of hydration
    • Effects of climate
    • Personal Weight management plan
  • Goal specific vs general health
  • Resources in the community


4. Nutrition

  • What constitutes good nutrition?
    • Balance and number of servings
    • Healthy beverage vs. unhealthy beverages
    • Vitamins and supplements or they necessary? (ex: Folic Acid)
    • Vegetarian diet and practices
  • What are the consequences of a poor diet?
  • Dieting
    • How do I eat to lose weight? 
    • How do I eat to gain good weight?
    • Do fad diets work?
    • Evaluate diet plans
  • Meeting specific dietary needs;  training, pregnancy, food allergies, and diabetes

5. HealthyRelationships

The realities of sex:

  • It is ubiquitous but what do you really know?
    • How do the media misrepresent sex?
  • The Biology of Sex

    • It is a normal biologic drive and desire
    • Do you know your anatomy?
    • Do you know where babies come from?
    • Do you really know everything?
    • Sex has real Consequences
      • Pregnancy and Birth Control
      • STD's and protecting yourself
  • The Psychology of Sex
      • It is intimate and requires an emotional maturity
      • How do you know you are ready?
      • Handling Peer Pressure
  • The principles of healthy dating
    • How do power and control undermine healthy relationships
    • What does Healthy Dating Look like?
    • What is date rape (acquaintance rape)?




 6. Substance Use: Drugs and Alcohol

  • The reality about drugs: They are ubiquitous
  • General classification of drugs
  • Effects of specific drugs (Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Steroids, and ???)
  • Impact of drugs and alcohol on society
    • How do media portray drug use?
    • Why do people use illicit drugs?
    • Economic and Health Impact of Smoking
    • What are the dangers of misuse of prescription drugs?
    • Binge drinking
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome