Prominent Names in Psychology

AP Review
Names you should know
John Watson - behaviorism
Alfred Adler - neo-fruedian - inferiority complex
Carl Jung - neofruediam - collective unconcious
Gordon Allport - trait perspective
Albert Ellis - rational emotive therapy
Abraham Maslow - humanist - heirarchy of needs
Carl Rogers - Humanist - client centrered therapy
B.F. Skinner - behaviorism - operant conditioning
Ivan Pavlov - classical condition
Albert Bandura - social learning
E.L. Thorndike - law of effect
Edward Tolman - latent learning
Noam Chomsky - linguistics
Jean Piaget - developmental psych
Erik Erikson - social developement stages
Lawrence Kohlberg - moral development
James-Lange Theory - emotion
Cannon-Bard theory - emotion
S. Schacter- emotion
Benjamin Whorf - linguistics
Howard Gardner - multiple intelligences
 Alfred Binet - first IQ test
Lewis Terman - modified Binet's IQ test for american children
David Weschler - IQ test for adults
Charles Spearman - found that specific mental talents were highly correlated, concluded cognitive abilities showed a common core "g"
Rorschach - ink blot
Phil Zimbardo - Stanfod Prison exp
Soloman Asch - conformity
Stanley Milgram - obedience
Harry Harlow - attachment
Mary Aisnworth - Secure attachment
Sigmund Freud - its Freud!
Karen Horney - neoFreudian - shifted from past sexual issues to desire for love and acceptance
Martin Seligman - learned helplessness
Herbert Ebbinghas - memory
Young-Hemholz - color vision
Broca's - speech
Wernicke's - speech
Ernst Weber - perception - just noticible difference - Weber's law