Transpiration Lab

Pre-lab questions
1. Why are water molecules cohesive?
2.  Trace the path of water through a plant from the soil to the air. (be detailed)
3.  What is the driving force behind transpiration?
4.  Describe how guard cells work.
5. What variables might affect the rate of transpiration?
6. Outline a simple experimental design to test these variables.
7. What are the independent variables in your design?
8. What is the dependent variable?
Write up and post lab questions
1. Write the question.
2. Write a hypothesis (or two, or three)
3. Describe the experimental design (could copy from prelab with edits if you like)
4. Graph your data
5. Write your conclusions with any explanations required. (be sure to explain why you need to know the surface area of the leaves)
Complete the Lab Quiz found here