AP Biology: Expectations, Procedures, and Policies

Advanced Placement Biology 2016-17:

Class Expectations, Procedures, and Policies


  INTEGRITY- I take personal honor and integrity very personally.  I will extend you a great deal of trust and respect.  I expect you to honor my efforts and the efforts of your classmates by returning that trust and respect.  We are all working together towards a common goal of increased understanding through inquiry.  While we will not be perfect we will strive for perfection. At the bottom of this section I have included more clarification on my expectations for academic honor in this course.


  RESPECT - Respect your instructor, your school, your classmates, and yourself.   Treat school property better than your own.  Do not act rudely towards your classmates or inhibit their learning in any way.  Respect yourself by taking advantage of your learning opportunities. 


  BE PROMPT AND PREPARED - Be on time to class with all of your materials.  We will often start class early and stay late.  Go to the bathroom before class.  Bring a writing utensil and your notebook with paper in it every day. You are encouraged to bring a laptop to class.  Bring your lab manual and study guides when needed. I expect you to have questions based on your homework. I expect you we have pre-lab work done prior to lab.


  ATTENTION - Stay actively involved during lectures.  Stay on task when given class work to do. While laptops are encouraged, you should not be visiting sites or attending to work that is not directly related to what we are doing in class.  When we are having a discussion or lecture, I would like screens down. 

Misconduct during labs will be severely frowned upon.  For the safety of everyone, lab behavior must be perfect.


  STUDENT HANDBOOK - Know and follow all school rules as they are written in the handbook.  Read and understand the consequences set forth by the Discipline Program.


  Honor Code: The Honor Code is, as always in effect in this course.  The following section explains what I expect from you in terms of meeting these standards.  If you have any questions at all about these matters, please do not hesitate to ask.


             Allowing someone to copy your work violates the Honor Code.

     The Parish Honor Code requires that you sign “Honor Bound” on all written work. This includes all papers, exams, and quizzes.

           Exams and quizzes:  All in-class exams and quizzes in this class are to be taken without the assistance of books, notes, or other people.  You may, however, study with your classmates.  In fact, forming study groups is an excellent way to prepare for exams.

           Papers and labs:  As with exams and quizzes, I encourage you to discuss your papers and labs with your classmates.  The crucial thing to remember is that you must give citations for ideas that are not your own.  When working with a lab partner the data you collect belongs to both of you; however, the rest of the lab is to be done separately.

     Take-home Quizzes and Test – At times during the year we may have take-home tests or quizzes.  I will prepare a list of expectations for the completion of these assignments.  You will be required is sign that you understand and will abide by these conditions in order to be “Honor Bound.”


Question:  If someone is my lab partner, how do we work cooperatively without it being considered cheating by my instructor?

Answer for my class:  During the Procedure part of your lab, you and your lab  partner work together to collect data.  That data may be shared (it belongs to both of you).  All other work; pre-lab, calculations, and conclusions are to be done independently.



  COURSE CALENDAR AND WEBPAGE: I will produce and keep current a course calendar and a course webpage.  This webpage will be your life line to the course.  You must visit it daily as you are responsible to the information found there.

  NOTEBOOK/ DIGITAL NOTEBOOK: You need to keep a notebook to stay organized and create a digital notebook webpage to display work, house notes and curate resources.

  • one three ring notebook for class notes and handouts.
  • This should be used for AP Biology only
  • Digital Notebook Webpage must be set-up according to the template I give you.


  Course Management Website: You will be enrolled in the course through "onCampus" and you must set up your “Alerts” to notify you via email and/or text when post are made.  You are responsible for any posts made here.  Assignments and announcements will  always be delivered via "OnCampus".


  LAB WORK - Lab work is an integral part of the AP curriculum.  As a college level course you are expected to do college level labs.  Pre-lab work must be completed prior to lab.  You may have a pre-lab quiz.  Some labs will be formal lab reports to be written up in a specific format while other will require only cursory reports.  I will hand out a separate handout for how I expect lab write-ups to be done.  The AP exam will ask questions from the labs.


  HOMEWORK - You are expected to keep up with your homework as it is assigned on the syllabus.  Because of our time constraints and the demands of a college curriculum you will have a great deal of work to be done outside class.  It is an absolute must that you read and take notes every night. 


  CLASS WORK - We must make the most of our limited class time. Most days will consist of lectures and discussion.  You will need to take extensive notes.  We will not waste class time


  QUIZZES - We will have a frequent quizzes throughout the semester.


  Exams (TESTS) - Exams will be given at the end of each unit and will cover multiple chapters.  Each exam will be a model off what you can expect to see on the AP exam. (A mixture of multiple choice, problems, and essays of various lengths). They will be timed and scaled accordingly. 


  FINAL EXAM -  An exam will be given at the end of the first trimester.  It will be cumulative for the entire year.



  LATE WORK -  Late work will be accepted.  However, for everyday late an assignment is, you will lose ten percent of your grade. If there is a prearranged excused absence, work that is due during that absence should be completed and turned in before leaving.  Extraordinary circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.


  EXTRA HELP/OFFICE HOURS - I will be available for extra help before school (limited), lunch, and after school (limited in winter trimester due to coaching responsibilities).  I also am free during Block  A3, A4, and B4.  If you are in need of extra help, ask for it so I can be sure to be available for you.  However, if you ask for help, I expect you to be there. It is your responsibility to follow through. 



Please know the attendance policy as outlined by the student handbook.  Our course is so fast paced that missing one day can really put you behind.  Please try to be in attendance for every scheduled class.


1. Routine absences(random cold, etc.):  Since you will have both a calendar and a syllabus given ahead of time, a student returning from a routine absence must submit, on the day of his/her return, any work that was due during the absence.


2. Test and scheduled quizzes missed:  If your routine absence causes you to miss a scheduled test or quiz, you will be permitted to take a make-up test of similar content at date and time of my choosing.  Those times will usually be after school the first day back or the morning (before school) of the following day.  There will be no surprises as to when a test or scheduled quiz will be given, therefore, no additional time will be granted to prepare. It is your responsibility to schedule this with me.


3.  Pop quizzes missed: Pop quizzes missed will be made up at my discretion. 


4. Labs missed:  YOU WILL NOT MISS LAB!  Labs missed due to an excused absence will be dealt with on an individual basis.  Depending on how difficult the lab set up is.


5. Non-routine absences:  For example, a severe medical condition that results in a great deal of missed material or inability to do any school work.  This would require you to arrange a make-up schedule that is agreeable to both of us.  I will not come find you to arrange this.  It is up to you to take the initiative. If you do not set up a schedule with me upon your return I will assume it is not important to you.


6. Prearranged absences:  For example, a family obligation, or field trip.  Work that will be due during the absence must be completed and turned in prior to leaving.


7. Absences for non-approved trips or discipline issues:  Please refer to the school handbook for the school-wide policy


Question:  If I have been absent the two days before a test and return on test day, do I have to take the test?


Answer: Yes.  The test is on the schedule and should not be a surprise.



  GRADING: Overall class grade is calculated based on the following percentages:        


                        Tests                                                    40%

                        Quizzes                                                30%

                        Labs/Projects/Daily Work                   30%