AP Biology Unit 9: Cellular Regulation - Epigenetics

Classwork Wednesday April 6 - Scroll down for Friday and weekend assignments

Watch these two videos AND my two gene control videos below(scroll down) - make sure to stop the videos and take notes as needed. I'd like these to be on the smartboard screen. Stop and talk about it as you are going.
Prokaryotic Gene Control - the Operon

Classwork and Homework Friday April 8-10
Watch these videos:

  • Watch these videos then write a two paragraph summary of your understanding of Epigenetics

Choose one of these TED talks

Homework April 8-9

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Cell Cycle and Controls of Growth:



Induction and early development:
Mr. Anderson's videos - we will watch some of these in class and some at home to talk about in class
Gene Regulation (10 min)
Cell Communication  (10.5min)