AP Biology Unit 9: Cellular Regulation - Epigenetics

Homework April 4-5
Homework write me 1 paragraph on epigentics:
Watch these videos as well
Not required - but interesting
  • Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny (Time magazine article by John Cloud)
  • Youtube video Explanation of Epigenetics - simple (9.5min)
  • Epigenetics Resource Center (Univ. of Utah)

  • Homework April 2-3
    Watch these two videos AND my gene control videos below(scroll down) and expect a quiz based on them.

    Epigenetics and Eukaryotic Gene Control:
    Prokaryotic Gene Control - the Operon
    Cell Cycle and Controls of Growth:
    Induction and early development:
    Mr. Anderson's videos - we will watch some of these in class and some at home to talk about in class
    Gene Regulation (10 min)
    Cell Communication  (10.5min)