AP Biology Unit 5: Evolutionary Trends and Adaptations: Unity and Diversity

Homework December 8-9
  • All you need to do is watch the two videos below - not all of the info in the first video is vital and the second one is short.

    • The Origin of Eukaryotes
  • You may want to review the "origin of Life video" if you need a refresher. (found below)

Homework December 11-12
  • Watch the Alternation of Generation Video (scroll down) - (you can probably skip through the first five minutes of this 10 minute video as I review the terms haploid/diploid/mitosis and meiosis before we get to new stuff)
  • Watch the Protists review video found below.
  • Prepare for quiz on 1. classification schemes (Linneaus' system, whitaker's five kingdoms, and the newer three domain model.), 2. the difference between Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic, and 3. The origin of Eukaryotes.
Alternation of Generations Life Cycle


Homework December 14-15 
  • Prepare for a short quiz on protists, alternation of generations and fungus by considering the following questions and watching the Fungus video found below.  Review Protists and Alternation of Generation
    • Why is the protist kingdom difficult to define?
    • What makes an animal-like protists animal-like?  Plant-like?
    • What is the difference between a group of cells living in a cluster or colony versus a group of cells making a "multi-cellular" organism?
    • What are Lichens and why are they interesting?
    • What are mychorrhizae and why are they interesting? (its called the internet - look it up)
    • Do you know your alternation of generations?
  • WATCH the Plant Diversity Video (found below) - to help prepare for the next class dicussion
Homework December 16-17
  • Prepare for a short quiz on plant evolution by considering the questions in your note packet and watching the Introduction to Plants Diversity video and watching the Introduction to Seed Plants video found below

Holiday Break Work(click here)

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