AP Biology Unit 4: Evolution – Concepts and Process

Homework August 29-Aug. 30
  • Prepare for a possible short quiz

 Homework Sept. 2- 6 
  • Watch the next two videos found below (Part 2B Natural Selection in Action and Part 3 Speciation) 
  • Prepare for a quiz on evidences of evolution, natural selection, modes of selection and speciation)

 Homework Sept. 7-12
  • Watch the next final two videos found below (Part 4A and 4B on Population Genetics)
  • Attempt the Hardy-Weinberg Problem set shared via google drive.
  • Prepare for Quiz on Microevolution/Population Genetics
  • In class we will work on Hardy-Weinberg Problems

Homework Sept. 9 -14  
  • No take home quiz (sorry)
  • Study for Test