AP Biology Unit*10 : Viral replication and Baterial reproduction and Genomics/DNA Tech

Homework April 15-20

Optional - Documentary on human cloning (1 hour documentary from National Geographic)

Homework April 13-14

Homework April 10-11
  • Watch the  2 videos below

Below you will find quick and easy review resources for this section of the unit.  You need to review these links.  Our mini test will be ......
DNA Technology
Recombinant DNA

Polymerase Chain Recation

  • Cloning Fact Sheet - good quick general resource and review page
  • Short video about human cloning (good three 3 mins by discovery news)
  • Documentary on human cloning (not required - 54min National Geographic)
    • Explore the miraculous potential and frightening possibilities of genetic cloning as National Geographic's cameras reveal the history, controversy, and cutting edge developments of a scientific breakthrough capable of literally changing the destiny of the human race. Witness the remarkable effects of the cloning revolution and explore the ''brave new world'' of the human cloning industry and its inherent controversy
  • The ethics of human cloning? (not required - many links to other articles at the bottom which you may find interesting)
Gene Sequencing
Gene Therapy
Synthetic DNA Created, Evolves on its Own - "XNA" may helpa answer basic questions of biology, study says