AP Biology Summer Prework

    Below you will find a list of topics that you would want to be familiar with before coming into day 1 of AP Biology
    Advanced Placement Biology   Pre-Work

    On day one I expect for you to know the following


    The scientific method



                    atom      molecule       isotope       ions       covalent bond      ionic bond             polarity

                    acids      bases        solution             homeostasis        theory      solute      solvent              hypertonic           hypotonic                osmosis                                catalyst                 enzyme                 ETS                        diploid  haploid          allele               genotype                phenotype           heterozygous      homozygous       dominant             recessive               codon    angiosperm         prokarytotic                eukaryotic            bryophyte            gymnosperm      monocot               dicot      gametophyte       sporophyte          coelom                  dormancy         

    Know the following functional groups

                hydroxly        amine             carboxyl         phosphate     aldehyde


    Know the following Processes

                dehydration synthesis                     hydrolysis


    Describe the following Organic Macromolecules – examples, building blocks, functions



    Nucleic acids



    Know the Parts of the cell

                Organelles and their functions

                fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane

                cell theory



    I expect that you will have done a cursory review of the following topics:

                Outline photosynthesis and respiration


                Structure of DNA                             DNA replication - semi-conservative


                Transcription and translation


                Mitosis and Meiosis


                Mendel’s laws and simple genetics problems                           


                Darwin's observation on natural selection and evolution


                Bacteria          viruses           protists           fungus


                Plant evolution and diversity                   


                Animal Diversity:    Sponges ® Mammals