DNA Technology / Genomics

DNA Technology

Introducing a Gene to a Cell: Recombinant DNA Technology (webpage)

Description of The Sanger Method (webpage)

Sanger Sequencing (1 min video)

Polymerase Chain Reaction - PCR - (2 min video) 

Human Genome Project Sequencing: Public Project ( 2 min video)

Cloning Fact Sheet (webpage)

The ethics of human cloning?

Short video about human cloning (3min)

Documentary on human cloning (1 hour documentary from National Geographic)

Gene Therapy (website)
Synthetic DNA Created, Evolves on its Own - "XNA" may help answer basic questions of biology, study says


Barry Schuler: An Introduction to genomics (TED - 21 min video) - What is genomics? How will it affect our lives? In this intriguing primer on the genomics revolution, entrepreneur Barry Schuler says we can at least expect healthier, tastier food. 

What is Genomics (6 min video)

Welcome to the Genomic Revolution: Richard Resnick (TED 11 min) - how cheap fast genome sequencing is about to turn medicine, insurance and politics upside down.
Decoding a Genomics Revolution (TEDx - 10 min) - MIT Computational Biologist Manolis Kellis gives us a glimpse of the doctor's office visit of the future, and uses his own genetic mutations to show us how a revolution in genomics is unlocking treatments that could transform medicine as we know it.


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