Managing Collaborative Groups in a 1:1 Environment

  • Do I need to re-design my classroom?
  • Are there optimal designs that allow me to see the students screens? 
  • Do I need to see the students screens at all times? What if they go to Facebook?
  • How do I get the students attention if they have their laptops opened?
  •  Do I have to spoon-feed my students? If not, how do I encourage resourcefulness?
  • How do I teach versatility? (students must develop the deftness to shift approaches until something work.)
  • What are some strategies to encourage responsibility towards their learning process?
  • How do we do enable persistence?
  • Technology is not reliable, how do we handle technical issues?
  • How should I form the teams?
  • How do I get teams off to a good start?
  • How do I grade team assignments?
  • How can we be sure that students are doing their share of work?
  • How can I help students develop their teamwork capabilities?
  • What types of projects can I do with laptops?
  • How do I balance covering the content and allowing students to find information?
  • How do you protect the students from strangers?
  • How do students contact experts? 
  • What technologies are available for contacting experts? (Skype, e-mail, call conference)