Blended-Learning for Student Success

1. How will blended-learning offerings support our school’s unique brand and mission?

2. In developing blended-learning , what opportunities do we have to build on our existing programs?

3. How will blended-learning help the school sustain mission-based goals such as community and global outreach, diversity, equity of access, and creating lifelong learners?

4. How will faculty be engaged in the development, implementation, modeling, and evaluation of blended-learning programs?

5. What suggestions do we offer to school leadership to incorporate technology and staffing needs for blended-learning?

6. How can the school address contractual implications and equity in teaching loads for teachers who teach blended-learning courses at the school or through an outside vendor?

7. How will the school manage online coursework outside its accredited curricula; and how will it handle grades, workload, credits and transcripts for blended-learning when the course
comes from an outside vendor?

8. What are the essential conditions for success in blended-learning when supplementing current teaching practices with online learning or when offering it as a completely separate initiative? How do either or both of these two models coexist with or change the current pedagogical culture of practice of the school?