The sessions are divided into four major categories. 

Each session has a variety of conversations across divisions and 
subject areas and have been correlated to the NETS-T pages. 

The conversations include a variety of teaching strategies like in-class discussions using the Socratic method, project-based-learning, how to engage in global collaboration, and strategies for flipping the classroom among others. 

II. Student Projects

These conversations will encourage faculty to share innovative projects across divisions that highlight the skills of definitive preparation:
- think critically 
- communicate cogently 
- collaborate purposefully and
- create meaningfully.

III. Digital Tools

These are hands-on sessions that will take place in the Computer Labs. The sessions will include practice with digital tools for storytelling, video creation, movie editing, social bookmarking and productivity tools among others.

The Reading Articles have been selected taking into account relevant issues in our school community related to teaching and learning.