You may select ONE or several of the variables to answer this question.

How can an observer in a particular reference frame describe the motion of an object in one dimension using such quantities as position, displacement, distance, velocity, speed and acceleration?

To clarify: You may explain one concept: acceleration or more than one: speed and velocity.


Explain the concept clearly, use your own words to tell the story, give details about the equations and/or graphs used. 

Some ideas about how to present the content:

  • Write an illustrated Letter to Grandma 
  • Do an interview with a physics expert
  • Make up a situation that can be clarified by the use of a simulation. 
  • Make a game
  • Produce a TV show with an expert scientist
  • Do a reality show
  • Produce a video to show an experiment 
  • Use a problem to explain the concept with words, equations and graphs
  • How to play a sport in the Moon where acceleration due to gravity is 1.6 m/s2