The PEN Administration
"The 'write' engineers for you!"
Erika, Nicole, Paige
Paige - Engineer
    Study Hall B4
    Free Period B7
  Study Hall A4
  Free Period A2
Nicole -Project Manager
  Study Hall A4
  Free Period B4

The PEN Administration will be creating a Tiny Wings Roller Coaster for the planned themepark!
Physics Concepts of the Tiny Wings Roller Coaster:
- Conservation of Energy: Gravitational Potential to Kinetic 
- Forces: Gravitational, Normal, Air Resistance (on Cart and on Riders)
- Momentum
- Acceleration, Velocity, Distance, Speed
- Mass, Weight
-Centripetal Forces
- Projectiles?
-Friction and Coefficient of Friction

-Marbles(Mrs. Gende will provide)
-Roller Coaster Paper(Mrs. Gende will provide)
-Tiny Wings bird pictures to place on Coaster and/or marbles
-Pipes or other material to support coaster (beams)

Mrs. Gende will provide the marbles and paper
Erika will bring the tape, glue, & scissors
Paige will bring the markers and glitter
Nicole will bring the bird pictures and other materials to support the coaster.

Physics concept research:
Erika - conservation of energy, forces, velocity, distance, speed
paige - mass, weight, equilibrium, momentum
nicole - centripetal forces, projectiles (?), friction

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