Carol Hammond

Toolbox:  Look, Think, Learn.
Practices:  P6 and P8. 
P6. Connects and relates knowledge in and across disciplines. 
P8. Identifies, describes and evaluates evidence from diverse sources by detecting bias and distinguishing reliable information sources. 
Instructional Strategy:
Instruction Strategy:
1. For my first effort this year in utilizing Look, Think, Learn, I conducted a very informal lesson.  Shown portraits of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton, the students were to write down everything they knew about each man.  Students then shared with the class what they knew.  This was the launching point for a class lecture and discussion on Washington's presidency and Hamilton's economic plans. 
All of the students (with the exception of our foreign exchange student) recognized the portrait of Washington and knew at least something about him.  Fewer recognized Jefferson.  Only one recognized Hamilton's portrait.  The exercise was successful in generating discussion, particularly in separating history from legend regarding Washington. 
As the year progresses, I will utilize this tool again, especially for introducing new topics.

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