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1. What activity or project have you done in your class that has some of the attributes of creativity?

Algebra I - unit on lines, make a stained glass project - HOW do I create the lines to make an overall project?
Religion - $100 presentation to a board or CEO or leader to communicate the idea and ask for a donation or money in any form or media the students wanted in order to inform about the Hebrew literature and prophets and how this relates to the non-profit goals - the top one for each class got the $100 donated to the said organization
Studio Art - breadth and concentration on assignments after they decide what they want to do as individuals.  Must come up with their own concepts and problems to solve.  The teachers are only facilitators as the students work individually.  This is done by using a foundation from Art 1 and up. Must come up with several ways in order to do something before they pick one - must explore multiple ways to approach a project.
Spanish/World Language - Dio de los Muertos altars for anyone who was dead - they would have to investigate the person and the altar would have to match that person - persons from every department were questioned for the people.  Use interests, etc. that is the student's own to talk about using the language.
History - You are the curator for a new museum over the Middle Ages. You must find artifacts that would be appropriate and helpful for understanding the Middle Ages. 
English - extract ideas of interest for thought - using general philosophy to create access points for creativity.  Shakespear's The Tempest - put the character on trial is he using strong reason or is he using dark magic.

2. Is there a project that you want to implement in your class about which you would like to receive feedback from others?

Religion - writing a paper for a final project - was this regurgitation or original ideas?  Revamped - choose a story or theme from the Bible and take a song/soundtrack or videos.  Have to give a rational as to why they chose the song.  How can you communicate your level of knowledge and understanding through a different type of medium? Rubric needs to include the standard between the justification of the song to the story and the presentation.  Does the process match the final product?  Have a step-by-step through the processes rubric.  Self-evaluation?
World Language - have them work with native speakers through Parkland or World Heritage.