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1. What activity or project have you done in your class that has some of the attributes of creativity?

Gary - sense of humor; think outside the box; learn the basics before you can break out. 
Cas - I look more at their work than at their answers. 
Chris - You have to give students raw materials before you can have them do something with the raw materials. 
John - Is there room for creativity in Math? 
Cas - Certainly. However, mastering the basics is often an obstacle to overcome before getting to creativity. 
Chris - important part of creativity is to get students to think about the process--what steps they took to get to the end result. 
Gary - Students can be afraid to be honest with themselves about what they are doing. They want to be "right" to teacher. 
John - cognitive leap-he's seen this in English class. Have we seen this happen during the school year? 
Carol - Yes--I've seen it happen with students writing essays. Suddenly a student gets how to write a thesis, how to analyze historical evidence. 
Chris - All creativity is derivative. No such thing as an original idea. We synthesize.

2. Is there a project that you want to implement in your class about which you would like to receive feedback from others?

Chris - I want to do a reader's theatre with our plays.  Students have to prepare a character before class.  With script, they must play character in class. 
Julia - I want to have students figure out something from their lives that has to do with Chemistry.  I have heard that the more open you make an assignment, the more creative their answers will be. 
Chris - What would be a model project for that?
Julia - It's more of a research project.  "Explain how neon lights work."  It may be the final project for each trimester; students will work on something they have learned that trimester.  It will be an individual project.  
Cas - I have done some things in the past, had classes that were more designed around that.  Seniors seem to be more successful at it.  Creative projects take a lot of time, time that we do not have because we have so much material to cover.  
John and Gary - discussed making theatrical masks like the ones used in classical Greek theatre.  John's English classes did this.  John's instructions to students required that the masks be functional.  John and Gary discussed making this a cross-curriculum project between English and Art.