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1. What activity or project have you done in your class that has some of the attributes of creativity?

stuart - using a blog, new activity, let them create their own instead of an assignment, students asked for the power to do it on their own, rambling forward with trepidation
jim - graphing stained glass window, specific requirements (slopes, absolute values, parabola, etc.), color it in, they incorporate calculators to integrate technologies
michelle - kids create their own lab from the ground up, the entire project, it worked "better than I thought", they have a rubric, they had component guidelines, they were to work on germination, they could use a number of variables (temperature, hydration, fertilizer...), some difficulty to get them moving but the result was fantastic
sil - a focus on process in a high-creativity field, spend a couple of weeks on looking at monographs, they write fifty possible ideas, the writing unlocks possibilities, ten ideas are culled from the main, the point being that there is a process to eliciting, encouraging, exploring pathways to creativity. e.g.: the seniors have a "focus" they work on.
group - how does creativity lead to modern day problem-solving, Michelle - remembering that students doing Adcox English project didn't mind the large time commitment to a creativity problem in that their project was presented to their peers. this helps with the issue of time-commitment that creativity necessitates. presentation allows the students to feel rewarded for their efforts.
Miriam - students created superheroes around elements. a story incorporates properties that the hero emobodies. this created a great amount of student interest. very enoyable. this was incorporated with a questions in a blog. student interest in blogs increased together.
Marc - Latin composition projects based on an original story incorporating elements of mythography.

2. Is there a project that you want to implement in your class about which you would like to receive feedback from others?

Michelle, Miriam - mitosis, lots of material to memorize, do they need to know the whole thing?, yes!, necessary for genetics, perhaps a la Linda Johnson - vocab, past tense, each group had to create stories, they went to another group's and critically assessed. twilight movie was showing this.
Jim - would like students to create questions but they need content questions, miriam - you can do it at review time, michelle - students could design questions, or even assessments,
Marc - groups to break up a poem, reconstitute groups to teach the subject matter, assessment. maybe test them before and after to see if collaberation actually worked
Stuart - time is such a crunch. moving at a good pace there still an issue of covering curriculum. maybe they could choose a religion. perhaps an opportunity to collaberate with World History. maybe allow them to choose the curriculum, but this would certainly lead them towards those of high interest and miss the religions that desperately need to be covered.