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1. What activity or project have you done in your class that has some of the attributes of creativity?

Margie – find two pieces of art (son/ptg/bldg./short story) in spanish, using all spanish, write a compare and contrast paper : objective to use the words in a different way. No restrictions; a paper, not a powerpt

Maureen – create your own museum by picking 5 objects that represent an era studied and represent the 5 themes of history (economics, society, politics, culture and religion) Write background on the topic and then a paragraph on why that particular object  represents that topic to you

Adam J – debate – bored with topics….beginning of class, give speeches to persuade their audience – a proposal – as to what topics they SHOULD be debating or WANT to debate.

Adam C – Pick a Ted.com video that addressed a environmental sci topic then create a persuasive proposal why this topic need to make it to the top 5 for the next trimester  portion of the year-long project… can use video, prezi, pwr pt, blog etc.   grade is a combo of teacher assessment, self-assessment and peer assessment

Miriam A – using math in a creative way – Alg I – stained glass window project – draw a line and provide the equation for that line. Req. – so many linear equations, positive slope, negative, parallel, etc. experiment with an absolute value equation.  A lot of math, yet the info

Robinson - 1984 propaganda project – take a modern ad….Analyze elements of propaganda as presented by Orwell in 1984 in relation to a modern advertisement and produce a new advertisement w/out elements of propaganda. she give  quotes from book,  look at the ad  and see what they are addressing….rework the advertisement…take out propaganda elements and create an ad that does not have propaganda in it. Sell project on its own merits

Beam - Relating past to present – urbanization – what is going on today, relate as problem during the gilded age. Also what they had back then as a problem that we don’t have today….make connections with the past.

Isobel – power pt – pick a French ptg and the genre, know the painter, describe and present to clas

2. Is there a project that you want to implement in your class about which you would like to receive feedback from others?

Problems - how to make homework less stressful for me, but getting them to do it....
Answers - pick up randomly; pick up everyday; regular quizzes to evaluate whether they did their homework.