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1. What activity or project have you done in your class that has some of the attributes of creativity?

before timed writing, (LJ) shows a picture and students brainstorm ideas in Spanish
in Robotics, students develop their own designs to solve problems and test their solutions (AH)
to accompany House on Mango Street; students create their own "House on ____ Street" using figurative language from their reading experiences with the text (TC)
students create movement (choreography?) to accompany songs in choral performance (GG)
AH creates "Annoying Walking Man" project to ask students to consider ways to describe specific types of motion necessary to complete complex tasks
DH gave each group in geometry a scaled drawing of 2nd floor of tower and yardstick - creative way to describe scale as concept in Geometry
MW asks students to write creative stories au Francese  - asking questions, using grammatical constructions...

LJ's students create proposals to convince their camping group to choose particular locations for their next camping trip... in Spanish

2. Is there a project that you want to implement in your class about which you would like to receive feedback from others?

(TC) Current Issues research project - moving from pen and paper to blogging... a lot of the issues are on-going; wants project to be both long-term AND current... wants project to be relevant; blog allows easy updating; How do we "keep it going"??

(SV) How do we do projects in math and  be sure that we 'cover' all the material we need to cover?? Project needs to be independent - work needs to be done outside of class... ended up with one person doing all of the work! ... should I let them do it on their own? How do we avoid one person doing all of the work??
- focus on developing the rubric to hold individuals accountable for their individual effort;
- assign the groups intentionally;
- groups of 2 rather than 3 or more...

(MW) Are there creative ways to get around not having time in class to go over details with students? Can students do more independent learning??

(GG) Do we do enough to train students to work/think creatively - so that they'll be college-ready??

(MW) How do we manage the 'constraints' (and find time to be creative) that are also essential, foundational elements of sequential subject areas?(F.Lang, Math especially)