Faculty are asked to watch the following clips (staff are welcome to watch those of interest to them): 

Ken Robinson
Two videos: Changing Education Paradigms and Do Skills Kill Creativity
Three videos: What is Authentic Assessment, Thinking Big about Engagement and Overview of Project-Based Learning
Seth Godin
Two videos: On Tribes and On Sliced Bread
NAIS Teachers of the Future: 
Link to the videos: NAIS Videos
Thoughts from Ken Robinson 

Ken Robinson Animate: Changing Education Paradigms

YouTube Video

Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity 

YouTube Video

EDUTOPIA: Lessons from School of the Future in NY

Edutopia: What is Authentic Assessment

Edutopia: Thinking Big About Engagement

Edutopia: Project Based Learning Overview 

Seth Godin Favorites 

On Tribes

YouTube Video

On Sliced Bread

YouTube Video