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c. customize and personalize learning activities to address students’ diverse learning styles, working strategies, and abilities using digital tools and resources.
1. Create lessons that use digital and non-digital formats to access information, practice skills and demonstrate mastery.
2. Provide students with choices in digital and non-digital tools in which learning will take place.
3. Provide multiple examples that tap into different senses.
4. Provide opportunities to practice skills with various levels of support using formative assessments to provide ongoing, relevant feedback.
5. Include activities with varied levels of dificulty to challenge students at all levels of ability with a variety of engaging materials. 

6. Teachers use a variety of formative assessments to inform instruction:
Use these strategies prior to instruction to help determine a student’s background experiences, skills, attitudes, and misconceptions. 
Use these strategies to assess the ability of students to take ownership of their learning, demonstrate interpersonal skills, produce higher-quality work, understand feedback, and assess classmates' work.