I. GOAL SETTING   (by Oct 31 2014)
  • Faculty selects ONE Student-Centered Instructional Strategy or Assessment from the Teacher Toolbox. (This can be a continuation of your 2013-2014 tool or can be a new choice.)
  • Faculty selects TWO Practices of Definitive Preparation (continuation or new).
  • Professional Growth Option (PGO) selection
Throughout the Year the process of integration of the Instructional Strategy and the Practices will be documented as follows:
  • Description of the activity or project and how the Strategy is implemented
  • How the Practices are demonstrated by the students
  • Links, documents, images and/or multimedia of the process are encouraged
At the end of the year, each teacher will reflect about:
  • Impact of the Student-Centered Instructional Strategy on Student Learning in their classroom
  • Impact of the Instructional Strategy on their Teaching Practice
  • Include: links, documents, images or multimedia of the outcome of Student Learning (demonstration of Practices)