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QUESTION: When the blue bird in Angry Birds splits into three, do the speeds change? Do the birds act differently because they came from one bird into three?
Here is my Prezi:

Kinematics Reflection

Scale: 1m=Height of Slingshot

This is my graph of all the birds at once.

So now let's go in detail:

The change in the angle is slight, but how much does it affect the bird by? Let's observe the x-axis. The speed of the birds can be determined by the slope (m). The original bird's speed is 3.086 m/s. The middle bird, whose angle does not change, still is the same (just about, because the markings aren't perfect) compared to the original bird. The other two birds are slightly different because of the angle change; the top bird moves horizontally at 2.885 m/s, and the bottom bird moves at 3.352 m/s.

The horizontal movement didn't change by much, but let's observe the vertical movement.

The A Component: The A Component is the acceleration, and it is half of the total gravity (g). So, you have to multiply by 2 to get the gravity. Because all four birds had the same gravity, the A components should be close. Looking at the graph, we know that the acceleration of the original bird is -0.92 meters per second per second, the middle bird is -1.01 meters per second per second, the top bird is -1.00 meters per second per second, and the bottom bird is -0.99 meters per second per second. All of the bird's A component are close to each other because the gravity (which is twice the acceleration) is the same.

The B Component: The B Component is the original vertical velocity. The original vertical velocity of the middle bird was 29 m/s. The top and bottom bird's original vertical velocities were 30 m/s and 28 m/s, respectively. The three bird that split up each had slightly different velocities.

The C Component: The C Component is the original height of the bird. All four birds should have the same height because all four birds started at the same position. Looking at the graph, the original heights of the original, middle, top, and bottom birds were -187 m, -205 m,  -212 m, and -191 m. All four original heights are close together because the birds started from the same position.

Oct 26, 2012, 12:24 PM