The objective of the Digital Portfolios is to create individual blogs with at least two types of postings:
  • REFLECTION: to serve as a reflection on your learning.
  • PROJECT: to showcase an extension of your learning.

Your answers are required to be thoughtful and thorough. Each response should be at least 3 lines. 

Part A: Complete the following sentence stems:
  • This is what I learned about.........
  • What I have found difficult about what I have studied is.........
  • My problem-solving skills........(reflect on them and your efforts, areas of strength and weakness providing specific examples)
Part B: Answer the following question:
  • Can you make any connection(s) between what we studied and everyday life, history, situations in the world, any other subject you are studying or your own experiences?
Each project belongs to a category as shown below. 
It will be created  using a variety of digital tools:
    1. Content
    2. Application

Select a topic.
What do you know about_______?
How do you know________?

How is your topic relevant in a real-life situation?
How is _______applied in _______?