Will the race sell out?

Maybe, we have capped the registration at 100 for both the triathlon and the kids duelathlon

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are available with a medical reason, subject to a $20 processing fee. They will be sent on August 20, 2019 There are no refunds beyond August 11, 2019. If you require a refund, please email us at info@paradisetriathlon.com

Can I transfer registration to someone else?

No, this is not permitted for administrative and insurance reasons.

What is the water temperature cut off?

The minimum temperature for the sprint distance swim (750m) is 11°c. If the water temperature is between 12.5° and 11°c the standard race will swim 750 m

If the water temperature is below 11°c, the swim will be cancelled an alternative arrangement will be made to run a duathlon event comprising of a run-bike-run.

Can I race with headphones?

No, racing with headphone is very dangerous, for you and the other athletes on the course. You need to be able to hear instructions from course marshals, as well at other racers who may pass you during the course. Wearing headphone will result in a disqualification from the race.

What are the rules?

The race rules are posted on our website, www.paradisetriathlon.com

Why do I need to be a Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador membership?

Yes, TNL is our sanctioning body and provides us with the necessary insurances to conduct this race.

Do you need volunteers?

We would love any and all volunteers. If a volunteer is under 15 years old,we would like them to be escorted by a parent. To sign up as a volunteer please contact us at info@paradisetriathlon.com.

Are there cut off times?

Sprint distance race – 3 ½ hours. Once the time exceeds participants will be disqualified and not permitted to continue the Paradise Triathlon.

Is it possible for the course route or location to change?

Yes, the race committee has the authority to alter the course because of safety or logistical reasons at any time before the start of the race.