Paper currency is beautiful, valuable and interesting. We use paper money in our daily life. The history and hopes of nations and great persons are reflected in the paper money. Almost every person wants, needs and thinks about it. People look at the piece of paper money and admires its artwork. The paper money is brilliant fiscal creation of "two-dimensional" economic mediator. I am collecting this world paper money since 1990 which is splendid and universally recognized concentration of power and value. I also collect posters from around the world. Posters are also beautifully designed, colorful, political, powerful and very much 
popular artform. I have created this page to display my collections.
Profile: My name is Akhtar Ahmed Rasha, living in Jersey City, NJ, USA since 1992. I am a paper money collector and also like adding to my poster collection. My paper money collection is from all over the world and many of them are now very hard to find. I have a particular interest on the art of the currencies/ posters and research the many faces on them. By now, I have collected more than 3,000 paper money from 375 countries. Some of the countries no longer exist on our map today. From my poster collection, I have many posters which hold literary and political significance. As of now, I have about 200 posters in my collection, and I am still adding to it. My friends and family always support  and encourage me to enrich my collection. I have collected  paper money and posters through different ways throughout the years. I bought many of them from flea markets and even once found a paper money in an old book which I purchased from the streets. You never know when you will find what you are looking for. Since I  have now a huge collection  of paper money from all around  the world, I have decided to create this website and post them up along with some informations. Besides, I am doing the same for my posters. Hope everyone enjoys my collection. 

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