A bookmark helps me get instant access into a piece of work or a site I use often. 

Bookmarks appear in the chrome browser each time I login to my google account

I can add or remove bookmarks by clicking on the star

Students should bookmark their teachers site at the first possible opportunity

Research Tool

This tool is useful for both students and staff. Can help students manage research in one page. 

Also useful tool for adding images and citing material. 

Priority Inbox

A system to prioritise emails, read, starred and unread.

Drive and Site Linking

Click the link on the right to view the slide show.

Hapara Teacher dashboard

The dashboard has a smartshare feature that enables you to distribute work out to the students. By distributing work this way the work appears on your dashboard. Alternatively if a students creates a document themselves it will appear on the dashboard only when they have placed the work into their class folder

This video demonstrates how to select certain classes and comment on student work through Hapara Teacher Dashoboard. 

This video demonstrates how to use the highlights feature in Hapara Teacher Dashboard.

This video demonstrates how to use the class info feature in Hapara Teacher Dashboard. This feature is useful for changing students google account passwords and also sending out class emails.

Have the same document in different places - SHIFT Z

This is a way to have the same document/file in more than one place. The advantage of this is that it is a live document so that any change to it will show on all of the copies.  
Examples of these could be: 
(1) your appraisal document that you share with your appraiser - which they then want to have in a different folder; by using shift z, the document can be added to wherever they now want it collate/hold these documents. 
(2) documents that you want to have in your teaching folders - but want to have in the folder that you hold all of your Google site files.

Chat Feature on Gmail

This video demonstrates how to utilise and install the 'right-hand side' chat feature in Gmail. 

Translation and macrons


Screencastify is a screencasting chrome extension

The video to the left shows how to install it.

Screen casts will automatically appear in your drive in a folder
 called screencastify


Draftback is a tool used to playback any google doc revision history. Good to use if you suspect a student has copy and pasted work. 


Take sections of a youtube clip and making a new URL address for them. Saves hassle of constantly finding parts of a youtube clip that you want to play

Setting up a Google Plus Community

This video shows how to set up a Google Plus Community for your class. 

21st Century Pedagogy

How to change sharing settings

It is important to have the correct settings so work and resourses can be opened and edited by learners and other proffessionals

Ki o Rahi

Annotating YouTube clips

Setting up Routines - using devices

Working offline on google.

Change sharing settings on google to enable working offline

  1. Go to 'slides.google.com'

  2. Click on the menu icon at left.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Look for "Offline Sync" and click "Turn on."

Ensure work is open in a TAB or available in a bookmark

Speech Recognition

Allows dictation of words onto a google document. 

Waste wise audit

Digital moderation

Moderation Coversheet 91500

Archiving sites and making copies for 2017

Tools for creating learning about Matariki

Using bookmarks.webm

Research Screencast.avi

Smartshare using hapara.webm

Hapara Teacher Dashboard Commenting.webm

Hapara Highlights.webm

Hapara Class Info.webm

shift z

Gmail Chat Feature.webm

Slam session - translation and macrons

How to install screencastify.webm

Draftback Screencast.webm


Google Plus Community Screencast.webm

How to change sharing settings.webm

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Wastewise audit 2016

Digital moderation.webm

YouTube Video