Welcome to the E-Learning Monitors site

We are delighted to have this position in our school. Our vision is to: Lead behind the scenes, Lead up front and Lead by example. We are here to support classes and students, sharing our knowledge and skills as digital learners. We will be using the Manaiakalani pedagogy: Learn, Create, Share. Our role will mainly be focusing on the Creating and Sharing side of things. We will be released for thirty minutes a week, in offering class support. The class support could be: working with individual students in commenting to other student blogs / class blogs, working with students to type stories, inserting photographs on blogs,  proof reading and editing stories. We also have knowledge in using Google Applications, especially Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations. 

We are exemplary students in Room 5, with our blogs. Our work is often shown on the class blog. Scroll down to see the labels. Angel and Caitlin were in Room 5 last year and have got a collection of posts over time. 

Check out our individual blogs below 

Leading Behind the Scenes, Leading Up Front, Leading By Example