UPDATE: Our grant was excepted! Instruments were delivered in January and we've been having lots of fun with them at Lincoln school. I'll be moving them to Washington later on. Please check each school's page (tap the link above) to read about what we've been doing.

K-4 Students & Parents,

Welcome to a new school year!  My name is Mrs. Tynan and I’m so glad to be the music teacher for Pana students in grades Kindergarten - 4th grade.  I have been teaching in Pana School District for 20 years!  

I have lots of fun things planned for the school year.  We’ll sing, dance, play instruments, and learn about rhythm, just to name a few.  Each grade will be using a Music Journal in my classroom.

We’ll start the year learning about Patriotic music.  Later on, we’ll be learning about music and instruments from other countries. I am working on a grant to implement World Music Drumming curriculum, so cross your fingers for that to work out! During the summer, I went to World Music Drumming training. This curriculum is AMAZING!!  

K - 4 Grade Christmas Program will be Monday, December 5th at the High School Gym.

Washington School (K-2) will have their Spring Program on April 27th. Lincoln School (3rd -4th) Spring Program will be May 2nd. Both will be at the Pana High School Gym.

Please check out my website throughout the year for information on what we’re doing in music!  If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to reach me is email (ptynan@panaschools.com).  You may also call Washington School (562-7500) or Lincoln School (562-8500) and leave me a message.

I’m looking forward to a great school year!!

Keep Singing,

Mrs. Patti Tynan

K-4 Music