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Jennie Peze’, Executive Director, Pee Dee Land Trust

posted Aug 29, 2011, 1:48 AM by Jody Martin

Mr. Martin has a powerful combination of three important elements that have made him an invaluable resource to us and to many others. He has very widespread contacts in the agriculture productions and agribusiness areas and can draw the links among the various partners. He has a long personal history in agriculture, which has helped him establish substantive rapport with both the growers and the buyers. His knowledge spans well beyond traditional commodities agriculture to include specialty producers, value-added producers, and more. He has what I consider “the right attitude” and overall goal for betterment of the rural economy and a fair deal for all. These three elements working together make Mr. Martin an effective communicator and excellent deal maker.

Jennie (Williamson) Peze’, Executive Director
Pee Dee Land Trust