Palmetto Consulting Solutions offers a variety of services:

  • Assist companies with agribusiness development (large and small)
  • Conduct studies for agribusiness opportunities
  • Capital and Economic Development
  • Bring growers together in the form of production alliances or cooperatives
  • Assist with ongoing agricultural and environmental projects
  • Build alliances and connections within the agribusiness community
  • Create rural development by bring capital investment and jobs
  • Work with small businesses on vineyards and other value added development
  • Public speaking for business, public or school audiences
  • Consult with Small Businesses – planning, development, marketing, funding, etc.

PCS can also provide event/conference services to include:

  • Speaking on Agribusiness Development
  • Planning your next event
  • Moderating at your conference
  • Providing facilitation services


PCS understands the importance of a continuing business relationship based on honesty and integrity to get the most effective results. It is for this reason we have adopted a Consulting Rate Scale to encourage and reward clients who participate in this teamwork approach.

PCS offers several levels based on a retainer rate. The retainer rate approach keeps the client's base rates lower and gives them the advantage of having the expertise and network of PCS on standby to assist with their agribusiness development needs. However, we realize that clients may need assistance on an hourly, monthly or task basis, these are also available. PCS will be only one phone call, email or visit away. These activities will be custom designed to meet the client’s specific needs.

Available options for consulting services:

  • Hourly Rates
  • Monthly Bases
  • Task Bases
  • Retainer agreements
  • Some cases may be on voluntary bases.

The key to PCS’s involvement is to add value to the future of agribusiness in South Carolina and beyond.

Contact Jody A. Martin, President and CEO of PCS to discuss a rate plan that will work best for you.

Phone: 843.250.7900
Postal: PO Box 5511
           Florence, SC 29502

In the state of South Carolina, Mr. Martin’s name is synonymous with agriculture. His involvement in the agricultural industry is significantly present throughout the state and nation…. While Mr. Martin’s professional abilities and achievements are representative of his determination and diligence, his exceptional integrity and character solidify his reputation in the community and state. Without reservation, I offer my heartfelt commendation for Mr. Martin…

Sylvia Gowdy, President
Gowdy’s Insurance Agency

Potential Client Conversations

The projects that Palmetto Consulting Solutions pursues are diverse, however they generally begin with a conversation like:

“We are seeking a better understanding of agribusiness and its impact on the local, state and regional economy. I was referred to you by (individual/company/organization).”

“We are an agribusiness company that is looking for the right location with the needed inputs and logistics to be profitable. We need assistance.”

“Can you help us conduct market analysis of agribusiness ventures and technologies to determine their technical, commercial and economic viability, and to determine funding support?”

“We are a food/fiber/energy processor looking to build capacity with local growers. Can you help us in building a grower alliance?”

“We need assistance with agribusiness planning and development.”

“We are looking to build an alliance with our neighboring growers/businesses/etc. to supply local, state, nation or international markets.”

“We need someone who is connected within the agribusiness community on all fronts and has a general understanding of economic development.”

“Our economic development team is talking to food processors/bio-energy companies/agribusinesses and we need someone who can assist with all aspects of agriculture and agribusiness. We need someone who understands the total agribusiness picture from production to processing to marketing.”

“We are a small agribusiness/farming operation and need assistance in connecting with finances, grants, loans, business planning, feasibility studies, etc.”

“I am looking for new valued added opportunities to increase the revenue in my farming/agribusiness operation."

“We are expanding our operation of business and need to know if there are any incentives or assistance to help us locate/expand in a given region.”

“We simply need help in connecting the dots between: production, government agencies, finances, logistics, marketing, food safety, processing, etc. We understand you have a broad network in the agribusiness community."

“We grow food products for the market (retail, wholesale, etc.) and need direction on food safety, food security and traceability.”

“We are buyers of local farm products and need help with finding growers who are certified, and have the proper food safety and traceability in place. Can you help us evaluate and select suppliers of agricultural products, including contract development and contracting?”

“We are processing/packing/brokering food items on the west coast and are looking for a southeast location to grow, process and distribute closer to the markets in the eastern United States.”

“Our company is looking for a location to process biomass for energy/fiber/composite products. We will need ___ acres of biomass to be grown by local producers. We need help with locations that work and getting the crop grown.”

“We are looking at agribusiness development as a way to assist with rural development in our county/region. We need assistance in assessing these opportunities.”