Categories of Clients

  • Private industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Political
  • Bio-Energy Companies
  • Food Processors
  • Farming operations
  • Grower Cooperatives
  • Agribusiness Alliances
  • Educational institutions
  • University Research Centers
  • Non Profits
  • Agribusiness Insurance Industry
  • Funding Institutions/Organizations
  • Economic Development Commissions/Alliances
  • Marketing and Research organizations

Recent Clients

  • Consulting Adviser for the Agribusiness Development Initiative with North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) and SC Department of Agriculture through Strategic Development Group, Inc.
  • Crown “C” Brands – Focused on distributing SC and regional products into the military and other federal contracts.
  • Acting Executive Director for Carolina Agri-Solutions Growers Association (CASGA)
  • Carolina King Agribusiness Alliance - building capacity for Crown "C" Brands
  • "RAIN Conference" coordinator/moderator, an annual agribusiness development conference hosted by CASGA
  • Active member of the SC Agribusiness Economic Development Advisory Group
  • Several other agribusinesses currently seeking locations in the region