About Us

Palmetto Consulting Solutions, LLC is an agribusiness consulting firm that provides services to add value to the future of South Carolina and surrounding regions through the development of agribusiness opportunities. The company is led by Jody A. Martin, President and CEO, who has built collaborations throughout the agribusiness community locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.

Jody Martin's Bio/CV


Palmetto Consulting Solutions, LLC (PCS) will add tremendous value to your agribusiness development initiatives big or small. We can assist all aspects from food processing, bio-energy, timber, fiber production, to fruit and vegetable production and many other types of agribusiness needs. PCS is your single doorway to the total agribusiness development matrix in South Carolina and around the southeast.


"Adding Value to the Future of Agriculture in South Carolina and Beyond" with the expansion of opportunities for rural development through agribusiness. This is being done by:

  • Assisting with agribusiness development
  • Locating agribusiness companies in the appropriate region
  • Doing studies for agribusiness opportunities
  • Assisting with financial and capital needs
  • Bring growers together through production alliances, cooperatives, etc.
  • Assisting with ongoing agricultural and environmental projects
  • Building alliances and connections within the agribusiness community
  • Expanding agri-tourism development
  • Creating rural development by bringing capital investment and jobs
  • Bring many opportunities for agribusiness development to the region

These efforts are led by Jody A. Martin, President and CEO, in conjunction with a talented group of partners who know and understand the opportunities with agribusiness development.