Palmetto Consulting Solutions, LLC (PCS), an agribusiness consulting firm founded to provide services that add value to the future of South Carolina and surrounding regions through the development of agribusiness opportunities of all types and sizes. The company is led by Jody A. Martin, an individual with over 35 years of agricultural and agribusiness experience that has built collaborations throughout the agribusiness community locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.  Palmetto Consulting Solutions can add value to your agribusiness initiatives, products, company and more.

Agribusiness Development

Agribusiness is the business of agriculture, making it a vast industry. It includes the farm; it provides inputs to the farm sector and it links the farm sector to consumers by way of the harvesting, processing, transportation, marketing and distribution of food, fiber, biomass, timber and other products.

Environmental and health movements, as well as economics are driving new markets for agricultural food products, while emerging renewable energy and environmentally friendly markets are opening new doors of opportunities and applications for agricultural biomass. These dynamics are creating opportunities for agribusiness development which is a key component in rural economic development. Palmetto Consulting Solutions is here to assist in adding value to the agribusiness initiatives with your: economic development commission, alliance, university, organization, farm cooperative, association or agribusiness.

Palmetto Consulting Solutions, LLC
Adding Value to the Future of Agriculture

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