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Term Dates and Open Status

Term Dates


Term 1 - 30 January to 13 April 
Term 2 - 30 April to 6 July
Term 3 - 23 July to 28 September
Term 4 - 15 October to 14 December

Statutory Holidays
Waitangi Day - Tuesday 6 February
Otago Anniversary - 26 March
Easter - 30 March to 3 April
Queen's Birthday - 4 June
Labour Day - 22 October

School Closures or Late Starts
In the event of a school closure due to snow or other weather event we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible before 8 am as we can so that you can make alternative arrangements. The school is likely to be closed when a significant number of staff at the school cannot get to and from the school safely or when the children cannot get to and from the school safely. In the past this has generally been a snow event making roads dangerous to drive on. 

Late starts are likely if frost makes roads dangerous to drive on first thing in the morning. This means a 10 am start time. 

Occasionally bus children need to depart early due to imminent road closure. In this case we ring each family to make sure there will be someone home to look after the child.