Health and Safety

In this page you will find information about health and safety practices at Palmerston Primary School.

Sun Safety

  • Wide brimmed hats to be worn in Terms 1 and 4. Sunscreen is made available in all classes for students who need it.
  • Shady places are available for students to use for play to remain safe in the sun.
  • Sun index is noted and displayed to inform our school community about the specific sun risk each day.

Safety to and from school

  • It is the responsibility of the parents/whanau to ensure students arrive to school safely and are able to get home safely.
  • A high-viz vest is part of our compulsory uniform for students coming to and leaving school.
  • Staff will supervise students crossing the road at the Stromness end of the street. Staff will check off and supervise bus children getting to the buses in the afternoon.
  • If your child is not coming to school please inform the office as soon as possible. If they have alternative arrangements for going home i.e. going to a friend's place, being picked up by another person, going on a different bus or not going on the bus at all please inform the office or classroom teacher.

Visitors to the School

We welcome visitors to the school. We ask that all visitors come and go via the front entrance and sign in at the office. In case of an emergency and as part of the Vulnerable Children's Act we need to know who is in the school at all times. Our hazard register lists possible hazards in the school and our evacuation procedure is on the wall in the foyer of the office. Please make yourself familiar with them.