For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in its:

  • Supportive and caring environment that ensures children are ready and keen to learn
  • Strong relational trust and collaboration between adults, who put children’s wellbeing and learning to the fore
  • Very good quality of teaching, including use of assessment information, to support children’s learning
  • Broad and engaging curriculum
  • Sound and well-considered governance.

ERO Report May 2018

Latest ERO report:

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We encourage children to be active, eat health promoting snacks and lunches and drink only water at school. All children to have a named water bottle, which can be filled with filtered chilled water at any time.


There is a food warmer at school where pupils can bring items of food (suitably wrapped and named) to be heated for them daily. A couple of times a term the Home & School holds a fundraising barbecue. Students are encouraged to bring 'nude food' to reduce waste so rather than use one off plastic wrappers having food in reusable or recyclable containers and they can take any rubbish home with them. We do collect food scraps for composting. On Wednesdays healthy $5 lunch orders are available from the Coffee Cup Cafe - orders handed in to the office at 9am and these are delivered at 12.30pm.


The school is involved in sporting events, primarily with sports in the East Otago area. The school also sends teams to regional championships. The more formal sports that involve competition with outside schools are Kiwi Cricket, T Ball, Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Hockey, Mini ball, Rugby, Soccer, Gymnastics and Cross Country. Both summer and winter sports are held on the school grounds on Saturdays.


Swimming instruction is part of the National Curriculum and due to the heating of the pool the season is lengthy and all pupils take part. A note to the teacher is required if a child cannot swim on any day.


We have 4 house groups at Palmerston Primary – Pukeko, Kereru, Toroa and Hoiho. Children each belong to a house group and we ensure that siblings are all in the same group. They have Captains and Vice Captains for each group who are excellent leaders of the school. Throughout the year we run fun, interactive competitions to award house points. This is an excellent way to promote a sense of whanau, responsibility and competition for the children.


All classes are involved in excursions and experiences outside their classrooms. Y6 students have a camp in Term 4, while Y5 students have an Activity Week.


Parents, family and others in the community assist in a variety of ways including regular help in classroom programmes, transport and supervision on field trips; coaching sports teams; helping the Home & School with fundraising; speaking positively about the school; being excited/interested in their children’s learning and attending school functions.


The school encourages parents and teachers to meet immediately as concerns or needs arise. However, it is preferable that if a matter is important an appointment be arranged. Formal Parent Teacher Interviews take place in March and July. Written reports are sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4 for Y4-6 students and at 20 week intervals for Years 1 – 3.


Children’s attitude and achievement develop significantly better when home and school work positively together. Please let us know about successes and concerns for your child.


All classes have a small amount of work to be shared at home.


School Donation for 2019 is: $45 for 1 child (reduced to $40 if paid by 28th Feb) OR $65 per family (reduced to $60 if paid by 28th Feb). Payment of this by each family is appreciated. As a donation the amount is tax deductible.


A phone call to say a child is absent, along with the reason is required. Regulations on absences have been tightened as roll audits are official. If children are required to leave the school grounds for any reason a note from the parent to the teacher is needed.


Mrs Davis supervises the Sick Bay. In the event of illness at school the parents will be contacted by phone. Where an accident has happened the school will immediately arrange for attention (or a check) at the local Medical Centre. Parents will be informed as soon as possible.


Dental Therapist – Pupils will have access to a mobile dental clinic which will be situated at East Otago High School.

The schedule will be advertised in our school newsletter. Phone 027 284 9932

The school has a strong relationship with the Public Health Nurse and can request support if required.

Resource Teachers visit when requested for – Learning and Behaviour, Speech and Language, Literacy.


9am – 3pm, interval 10.40am – 11am and lunch 12.30pm to 1.25pm.

Children need to be at school before 9am to get themselves ready for the day’s learning.

Children should NOT be at school before 8.30am.

Current Education Regulations (Government) mean schools are not responsible for children’s behaviour prior to arriving at school or after leaving school – that is the parent’s responsibility.


There is a weekly school newsletter distributed to every school family on a Thursday. Make sure you look out for it – it contains important information, children’s work and dates of coming events.


Please ensure ALL clothing is NAMED, and any other things children bring to school (e.g., drink bottle, lunch boxes, sports equipment etc). The sick bay is where unclaimed items are stored. Unclaimed items are removed at the end of each term.


An evacuation policy has been jointly prepared by EOHS and ourselves and has been used. The two main problems are flooding and snow and both schools receive initial instruction to evacuate from the Police and Civil Defence. Parents are always rung in advance. The Board policy for closure or delayed opening due to adverse weather conditions, is as follows: “Any decision to close the school or delay opening will be broadcast over 4ZB or 4XO at 7.30am with the cancellations.” Our school keeps in line with EOHS on this matter.


Students are given the opportunity to take part in an approved Bible in Schools programme. The BOT approves the closure of the school for 30 minutes once a week. Parents are welcome to view the programme and/or observe lessons. Parents must advise the school in writing if their child / children are not to attend.