Assessment for Learning

Assessment: An Instructional Strategy
To support learning
To drive instruction
To monitor progress

School Dashboard Additional Reports and Data 
Access the following four reports: the Five-by-Five Placement Reports, the College/Career Reports, the Participation Rate Report, and the Student Groups Report.

Dashboard Updates

2018 Dashboard PSD Board Report

2018 Dashboard Flyers for Parents:

Parent/Guardian Letter

The Dashboard has a New Look (PDF)
The 2018 Dashboard has a new look! Dashboard 2.0 is friendlier, simpler to use, and easier to understand.

Getting to Know the 2018 California School Dashboard (PDF)
A one page document to help communicate the California School Dashboard to Stakeholders.

Getting to Know the Measures (PDF)
A two page document that explains the six state measures that provide important information on how schools are serving their students.

How Dashboard Colors are Determined (PDF)
This document explains how the performance colors are determined on the Dashboard.

Academic Indicator (PDF)
A quick overview of the Academic Indicator.

Chronic Absenteeism Indicator (PDF)
A quick overview of the Chronic Absenteeism Indicator.

English Learner Group (PDF)
An explanation of how the English learner student group is included in each indicator.

Suspension Rate (PDF)
A quick overview of the Suspension Rate Indicator.


The updated Smarter Balanced Sample Items website is now available, making this tool even easier to navigate and more useful, both for educators and families. In addition, Smarter Balanced has developed a promotional flier and the helpful post “8 Reasons to Check Out the Updated Sample Items Website,” which explain the latest changes.

New Testing Windows for 18-19 
 Please click on CAASPP in Menu on left

CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress)

CAASPP 17-18 Student Score Report Information

Understanding the Student Score Report Videos:

Understanding Your 2017–18 Student Score Report  (Video; 6:09)
This video will help parents and students learn about the 2017–18 Student Score Report of year-end standardized test results.

Entendiendo el reporte individual de los resultados 2017–18 de CAASPP  (Video; 7:45)
Explica el reporte individual de los resultados 2017–18 de CAASPP.

Understanding the CAA Student Score Report  (Video; 4:48)
Explains the new CAA Student Score Report for 2018.

Entendiendo el Informe de Puntaje de Estudiantes de CAA  (Video; 5:44)
Explica el nuevo Informe de Puntaje de Estudiantes de CAA para 2018.

Student & Parent SBA Information Video

The California Department of Education has produced a video that provides information to elementary and middle school students about the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments. The video introduces students to the summative assessments and explains the purpose of these assessments.

Video Smarter Balanced de la Escuela Primaria y Secundaria

El CDE (Departamento de Educación de California) ha producido un vídeo que provee información a los estudiantes de la escuela primaria y secundaria acerca de las Evaluaciones Acumulativas Smarter Balanced. El video les presenta a los estudiantes las evaluaciones acumulativas y les explica el propósito de estas evaluaciones.


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